Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunset Blvd. How could I deny you?

What an amazing movie. It is such a shame I have denied myself the pleasure that is this movie! I never watched it as I thought it was a musical production -- like White Christmas or any of the old Elvis flicks. I did not know the power of that movie.

Any lover of Hollywood or classic films, no matter the era, should see this tale of opprotunity and distortion. Truly a magnificant film that is just as powerful today if not more than it was during it's original release.

This movie is like pouring salt into the wound. How much it hurts.

Besides... any movie that starts out with a dead monkey is bound to be a good movie!

Grand just grand.

William Holden. My newest ghost lovah... No fears about Cary Grant... he is still my number 1 deadman crush, but William Holden is closing in... surpassing Arnaz, Power and Navarro. William Holden is delicious... reminds me a bit of a softer Robert Michum.


  1. I love William Holden! My favorite of his is Born Yesterday.

  2. Oh yeah....Holden is a hunk! Now you need to see "Born Yesterday" if you haven't already.