Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hair Inspiration: Ginger Rogers

*Note: This blog was drafted in two parts... the night before and the day after hense the tenses*

I am fairly confident that this is a style I can pull off successfully. Ginger Rogers's hair in the movie, In Person, seems simple and easy to do, after the initial set. The hairdest part for me will be to set the main wave in front on top. The curls are easy as I have done them a million times before.

Here is how I set my hair. I imagine it isn't going to be as nice and smooth in the morning after sleeping on it, but I am hoping it will help the hair take shape in order for me to pin it in place.

I set the wave by grabbing the top of my hair and easing it down letting it fall naturally into a wave and then using combs to hold the wave I created in place. For an extra howdy do I used a vintage metal wave clip. I am not sure how that one will turn out, but we'll see.

I am hoping that I allowed my hair to dry enough before I set it so that my curls comeout shapely instead of wet. :-/

Here are more photos of Ginny's hair!

It is the next day... I should have let my hair set another day in order to get proper curl, but I was meeting a friend for lunch and needed to style my hair. Wouldn't you know it! There was that ONE lone strand that decided it wasn't going to dry and was stick straight! Dammit. I ended up using the curling iron on it quickly to try to fix it. It did as well as it could in the time I had availible.

You can see when I took my hair out of the curlers and combs that a nice deep wave was created. Unfortunately for me, I only had small combs and could have used a longer one to create a wave that went all across my crown instead of just the one spot. Also, for this style, the metal clip was unnessesary and made pinning the hair back a bit more difficult.

Because of the thickness, weight and texture of my hair, it is all too often that I brush out the wave when trying to smooth it out. I tried extra carefully to on do that, but even still, I was left with a shallow wave instead of a deep one.

So in the end... this is what I came up with. Not perfect, but I suppose well enough for a first attempt.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Unknown Hairset Volume I Chapter II: The Style

As you recall from yesterday's post I cold set my hair randomly hoping that I could acheive a similar effect to this style.

Well... I didn't get it. I didn't get anything remotely like it. Instead I got this look. I think it is still pretty decent of a do... even if it wasn't what I was going for. I should just surrender to the idea that I am not a vintage hair master and I really don't know how to make my hair look right. Oy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Unknown hairset part II

After not allowing my hair ample time to set for the tv show, my hair was quite honestly crap. So today I decided to try out another mystery set.

The style of hair I am going for is this one.

I know my hair is longer and thicker and won't look exactly like hers, but I want the same basic idea.

So here is the set. I am using the peach perm rods with the assistance of bobby pins to hold back the hair and hold up the rod in some places.

Wish me luck on the outcome!

Black hats and Spring and Summer

I just got a FANNY-TASTIC hat from Hollywood Regency here in Phoenix. It is a black felt 40's hat. Now I am super excited about this one and I really wish to wear it as much as possible! Now... only thing is that it is spring/summer season here in Phoenix. Why is that a problem you ask, well the black felt seems a bit too warm for the sunny months ahead. I tried on the hat while wearing my brown wool suit jacket with fur trim that I wear in the cooler months and it looked marvelous! Splended! Like they belonged together. That is great and all, but < insert whine here > I really want to wear it NOW! And in the daytime! Can anyone post examples of black felt haits being worn in the sunnier months with sunshine daywear? Thanks!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TV and Bonnets

As you may already know... today Jenny, Heidi, and I were on tv showcasing Easter Bonnets on tv. I apologize for not knowing the details for everyone to watch, but it was very very very last min.

So last night I set my hair... unfortunately I was unable to let it set long enough to get proper curl and some of my hair was still wet and it was just an overall mess of ick. :( So instead of being a post on the outcome of my hair... I changed it to a post about the vintage hats showcasing.

We had a great time and Heidi was magnificant! I am so happy she was finally on with us! Unfortunately our air time was cut short almost two mins thanks to Tim and Willy and their camera hogging. It did however manage to look wonderful and we got in a lot of needed information for the show.

A funny part in the video is at one point Jenny and I turn towards each other at the exact same time and tilt our heads in as though it were on command. Neither of us knew each other was going to do that and it made us crack up. You'll see that. We did stay in model performance though. :-) Sorry I can't embed. It wont let me so please click on the link!
Easter Bonnets from Hollywood Regency on Channel 3's Good Morning Arizona!

Stupid me forgot the memory card to my camera so we didn't get pictures while there at the station, but Heidi took some of Jenny and me outside her home.

I am almost embaressed to post them because I look terribly chubby. Especially my arms! How the hell can I slim those limbs?! I will still post photos though because nothing will make me work harder for improvement than embaressment. Ok, that's not true... me and hard work don't get along. However me and I could really care less get along like peas in a pod.

Another thing I noticed... this is the second time J and I have worn these dresses together without knowing. Apparently they just go together!

On to the photos!!!
Jenny is my own personal pit scratcher.

What the heck?! Who does this broad think she is?

Jenny can laugh at me all she wants! Imma star!!!

Yay! Friends!

Oh! Stockings!

Hollywood Regency represent!

Unknown hair set.

This is my unknown hairset. In other words I do not know how this style will turn out tomorrow morning. Hopfully it will be nice and something that I can wear with the hat I have choosen for tomorrow's filming.

I also had to dye my own roots and forgot to get toner. The result... gold brassy roots. Yay... :-/

Let's cross our fingers for a good result tomorrow. I will post photos...