Thursday, March 5, 2009

30's inspired

Here is a goofy photo of me, but shows off my 30esque hair the best. Being a blonde with thicker dark eyebrows, I wonder if the look comes off more Marilyn than Ginger. I don't much care for lighter thinner brows... even if it means acheiving the 30s/40s look more authentically. I can't help it, I love blonde hair and dark eyebrows.

My hair would have looked nicer with a wave in the main side, but I didn't set it for that... just for the curls. Like usual for my hair I sleep in perming rods. I used the purple ones for this set. I actually set my hair on a cold or wet set on Wed at 9am and took my hair out at 4pm Thursday. A day and a half total. Most people won't have to set it this long.. overnight should suffice. I didn't have much of a pattern set... I just rolled the rods to the nape of my neck and up along the sides lining the face. Brushed and shaped it out pinning some of the main part away from my face.


  1. this is how my hair looks nearly every day
    I love the 30s styling :)

    you look adorable.

  2. That looks lovely! You wear pink well,too.

  3. Looks heavenly. I *wish* I could do 30s hair. If I put my hiar in curls like that, they will fall out in a few hours.