Sunday, December 30, 2012

Watch your rolls, ladies!

Ladies, when trying to get those authentic vintage "victory rolls" (as opposed to rockabilly rolls), careful not to go too big or EXTREME!
This message is brought to you by Ex-Lax and 1942!

*I am a firm believer that there is a difference between vintage/vintage pinup hair and rockabilly hair.*

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Waking Up

Breakups suck. They do. I never thought I was that girl -- the one who was emotionally stripped by a breakup. Turns out I am. A little over a year ago, Perry and I broke up and in true Charlotte York fashion it took me half the duration of the relationship to get over it... Now I am crawling out of my downward spiral and hoping to get back to my old self.

I miss blogging. I hate being silent here for so long. My world came crashing in on me and things didn't work out the way I wanted them to (not just in my relationship but in my life) and I just retreated. Unfortunately all this took an awful toll and I plumped up and no longer made an effort. I currently live in a small town where the majority of the population could be regulars on Jerry and Maury. With no transportation other than a bicycle its made it hard to socialize with the small handful of people I actually like (BoPeep up north and Bonnie in Milwaukee). The idea of blogging became a thought of fear and guilt all rolled into one. So I have pulled away from everything and everyone.

This holiday season was especially hard -- never more have I want a Norman Rockwell home. I had nothing even close. But that is enough complaining from me. I spent my Holidays with Perry. Not romantically, mind you and it got me to thinking what an amazing person he is and all he has done for me and what a gift it is for me to still have him in my life. His friendship is a blessing and I shouldn't be wallowing we didn't work out romantically, but revel in the fact that the friendship is genuine and I can have more friendships like that. I want that.

So I've started waking up... I know I want out of Kenosha because it provides nothing for me but heartbreak and boredom. I am seeing now that what I have done here, in Kenosha, is put a plastic bag over my head that was filled with negativity. The more I breathed in the more I exhaled into the bag, just to breathe in again. I want to surround myself with positivity. One of the things that brought me a lot of joy was blogging here. Perhaps if I try to fill my life with positivity it will finally bring me the happiness I want in my life right now -- and that is to get the hell out of Kenosha and into Sin City where I can really have some fun!

I am not going to make any promises of blogging... as this "depression" is a slippery slope. But my outlook for a brighter future is there. I've wasted too much time in the dark...

I'm Waking Up...

Ack! I need a new bra in the New Year!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lolita Haze for SparkleLux

Lolita Haze for SparkleLux

SparkleLux (formerly Miss Tayva Jewelry) brings you reproductions of hard-to-find Mid-Century confetti lucite earring designs, in never-seen before colour combinations! 

click any photo to enlarge
My best friend, Miss Tayva hand crafts these quality confetti lucite earrings! She is very talented in everything that she does! I am so happy she lets me model her gorgeous earrings! I can't get enough of their glamour! These beauties are so lightweight too. You forget you're wearing them! Tayva and SparkleLux really are the best! Head over to her online store and get yourself your own SparkleLux confetti earrings!

PS... that is all my hair! No wigs, hair pieces, or extensions! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

With that... a goodnight.

Haven't done my hair in forever. Let's hope I still know what I am doing!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Celebrity Style: Taylor Swift

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Just recently I had discovered that Miss Taylor Swift has an amazing vintage inspired wardrobe! Recently she has been spending a bit of time with American Royalty the Kennedys, however the bigger story is that she is a young 22 year old woman dressing her age! Now, I am not hating on my sluts, because I love my sluts just the same, but it's just nice to see someone appropriately dressed.

Taylor Swift's casual style is very 1950s/early 1960s inspired with full skirts and button up blouses, sun dresses and play suits. I would gamble that a few of her dresses are actual vintage!

The thing I find most inspiring about Taylor's style is that she is making it okay for her generation to be pretty and ladylike. Like I said, while I enjoy my too tight, too short hootchies, seeing a celebrity that is okay just dressing in girlie outfits that don't try to make a statement, yet makes an effort is fantastic in my mind. It's a refreshing change to see someone stay true to themselves and aren't marketed, yet they look wonderfully put together and appropriate! She really is fresh and youthful!

So to the younger girls who are new to vintage or interested but are afraid to dive in head first, take a look at Taylor Swift! Other than her hair not being "authentic", the rest of her style is very vintage chic!

How to get the look:
Taylor's dresses usually have full skirts that are either gathered or pleated at the waist. Now if Taylor's dresses really are vintage, I am guessing they are above the knee because she is so tall -- above the knee is a perfectly acceptable skirt length in modern times. However, if you are not as tall as Miss Swift, you may find the skirt falls at the knee or just below. If you are going for true vintage, keep the length there, however if you want to update the look, hem your dress up a couple of inches above the knee.

The tops or bodices are darted and fitted and have details in the stitching (darted or pleated) or in decoration (lace trimmings or button up fronts). The warmer weather allows for sleeveless styles, but short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves are also acceptable.

Miss Swift seems to wear stylish yet comfortable flats or low heels. No tennis shoes with her dresses. Ballerina flats and muted weaved heels seem to be her choice. These types of shoes go well with her subtle femininity and aren't too flashy or glitzy. Pairing her dresses with oxfords give her style a youthful look.

She seems to have fun with her accessories, but doesn't over do it. A thin belt, sunglasses, and something to tie her hair back is all she needs.

I have a few dresses in my etsy shop that can help you get this Taylor Swift style. Check it out!

Now my biggest Taylor Swift question is, how does a girl who is 2 years older than Kate Upton look perpetually 13? I want to know her secret!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Vintage Resolutions of 2012

Like many... I have resolutions that I create every year and by January 3rd, they are all forgotten. However, this year, along with my personal resolutions, I wanted to add a few "vintage" inspired resolutions.Not too many, as I will more than likely get way too overwhelmed. So on to my vintage resolutions of 2012.

~Each month I would like to sew a new outfit and mend an old one.

~Take better strides in my appearance and wardrobe.

~Rid myself of my "beginner" vintage and replace it with a better wardrobe, complete and best fitting my needs.

~Attempt a decent outfit post at least once a week.

~Make a new vintage dish from either my old rags or cookbooks.

So there you have it. Let's see how long this will last.

I know I already have my plans for resolution number 1. I have a blouse I want to make from material an old friend gave me and I also need to mend my winter coat as it is starting to tear. :(

How about you all? What are your resolutions of the year?