Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Cadillac Dreams

Recently Burlesque Legend (and Vegas resident) Big Fannie Annie died. My friend Anita Brassiere, was one of only a few of Fannie's "Burlesque Daughters" and thus was trusted with selling Fannie's car. It was only fitting that Anita came up with an idea of doing a 70's vibe photoshoot with the car and to use sex appeal to sell it. Fannie would have loved it! So Anita asked me along with fellow Burlesquer, Ily Royale to pose with the car and we had a stupidly great time doing it!

The Brains behind the shoot - Anita Brassiere. The Booty behind the behind - Ily Royale. The Bitch behind the edits - Darkbloom Imagery (me).

Fun fact, I had hurt my leg the day before this shoot and because of that I found myself unable to stop while cruising really fast down a hill and completely ate it in the grass! I am really upset and hurt no one got it on video! It was an epic wipeout! I am glad that it didn't keep me from shooting this set! It was hilarious, but I'm still hurting from it today!

Remember you can see the full photoset for free on my Only Fans!

This is one of those rare -- straight hair sets for me! Not sure if you will ever see it again! :-D

Also, Anita's ad for the car is too great NOT to share!

1998 Pearl White Cadillac Deville. Drives like a dream!

The last owner of this amazing car was burlesque legend Big Fannie Annie. She was larger than life and so is her car.

Check out the capable hand controls to help you grab the road with ease.
Large soft front seats with room to spread out, and an ample backbench to bring your friends along for the ride. Friends got junk in the trunk? Don't worry, now you have space!
Get the shock of your life with all the electric features of this dream ride! Including a cassette tape player and ashtrays on the back doors.

126,026 miles at the time of the photos.

Need more photos of the car? All you have to do is ask. (Serious inquires only)

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Rest in Peace
Big Fannie Annie
photo by Ed Barnas