Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My New Sun Top: My First Sewing Project of 2014

My vintage fabric and 1940s sun top pattern.

I just wanted to share a quick post with you today. This is my first sewing project of 2014!!!

Back when I was still living in Wisconsin, I had originally had this scrap of fabric that I was going to sell. I figured someone may want it cheap for some decorative detail or trim or something for a project. However, I pulled it out of the sale stash when I realized it would be just enough fabric to make a sun top! I never got around to making it when I was in Wisconsin, but I did have it with the intended pattern. And there it sat and waited, with puppy dog eyes to be made up. Unfortunately for the fabric and pattern, but fortunately for me, I had to pack up and move out west so it would be a little longer before it was made up.

Not very much fabric to work with!

Fast forward -- I am now in Las Vegas and it was one of the first projects I intended to make, so I pulled it out within the first 3 days of living here. Once again it looked at me with those puppy dog eyes, but I was just too busy to make it up. Now a month in to living here I finally had a few spare hours to whip it up!

Close up of print. Unsure of the era. Could be 40s, could be 60s. It is cotton though.

Late Monday I found out I was going to go out to a local tiki bar with some friends Tuesday night and I didn't have a thing to wear! (Girls, you know how that is.) For the past week, I have been enjoying very summery outfits including a top that I made YEARS ago with the same pattern from an old bed sheet. I figured now is the time to make up the top! So Tuesday afternoon I started on my sewing and 3 hours later I was done.

I took extra time to iron out the fabric and pattern and then iron the darts and seams and really take the correct time with this as I plan on wearing this top out a lot and wanted it as rightly done as my skill level could provide.

So here is the finished product! I hope you like!

Bathroom lighting sucks! Sorry for that -- and my boobs.

Thank you for stopping by this wee blog o' mine and reading! I hope you enjoyed!

Wearing it with a skirt I made up a few years ago. I wanted to make up a black skirt to match, but I ran out of time.

What summer outfits have you been sewing up??

Just for funzies -- Sunday I got to spend time with my best friend, Amy, who was visiting LV from Duluth, MN! I want her to come back!

Come back Amy!!!