Saturday, January 25, 2020

Biba Babe

That's our star with the TWA shirt on!
Last night a whole bunch of us went out to our local community theater to support our friend, Blanche DeBris in the role of Mrs. Lovett in The Majestic Repertory Theater's rendition of Sweeney Todd. This version of the musical was set in the 1970's, so I decided to (lazily) dress the part and branch out with a Biba look.

Biba marketing for their makeup is known for the high glam (late 60s) 70s does 20s look. They modernized the 20s with bold eyes and a mix of gloss and softness.

In addition to the musical being set in the 1970s, what inspired me to try this look was the fact that my hair is in a terrible state right now and I can't bleach my roots for another couple of weeks (for a show). The Biba (or Dudu) look often times featured wrapped hair. Sometimes the ends would floof out, other times the hair was completely covered with a scarf or a turban. I opted for this version just to hide all my hair for the evening.

Now, I decided on this look very last minute, so while I was trying to capture the days of disco sadness, I think I ended up a little too Grey Gardens. My shabby mink coat only added to the Little Edie effect. If I had given myself more time and practice, I feel I could have done a better job achieving this look. But for a first try, I'll take it!

When I was younger,  I shunned the 70s for being the worse decade of fashion/beauty ever. I am glad that over the last 15 years or so, I am able to appreciate some of the looks the 70's brought us. This look being one of them.

Congratulations on an exquisite performance, Blanche!!

Dress: Vintage 80s - Estate sale
Head Scarf: Vintage - Red Cat LV/Retro Vegas
Mink Coat: Vintage 1950s - gifted

Eyes: Tati Beauty & Unknown palette (gifted)
Eyebrows (drawn): Tati Beauty
Lips: Lime Crime
Blush: Ciaté London
Highlighter: Generic Brand

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Unconditional Surrender

Over Christmas, I was in Florida spending a wonderful holiday with my ex. It was mostly a sit around and relax vacation, but one of the local sites we did see was the Unconditional Surrender Statue in Sarasota.

The statue is based off of the famed photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt known as V-J Day in Times Square (V-Day and The Kiss). This photograph has always been a favorite of mine. Now, I am familiar with the recent controversy of this image in light of the #MeToo movement, but it doesn't change what it means to me and the interpretation I have of this photograph -- isn't that what art is, a reflective interpretation?

A steady stream of people came by to take their photo in front of the statue. Even on the gloomy overcast Florida Winter Day, many came to recreate the iconic pose and strangers were more than happy to help each other capture the memory on camera.

I was just happy to skate around the massive statue and show off my impressive beginner skater skills! Of course, Perry and I had to get our picture next to the statue, but being that we are former lovers (as opposed to current) we opted for a more friendly pose!

Sun top (under tie top): Handmade by me from vintage 40s pattern
Tie top: Handmade by me from vintage 40s pattern
Skirt: Handmade by me from vintage 40s inspired self drafted pattern
Sunglasses: Hottie World

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Cafe' Lola

Hello my friend!!

Yesterday, Pony and I found ourselves having lunch at a local photo op spot, Cafe' Lola. This sweet little cafe is tucked away in a shopping plaza on the westside of Las Vegas. Pony had been craving their avocado toast and suggested it a while back for the cute photo opportunities they have there. Cafe' Lola was literally built with 'grammable moments in mind. This place, with white walls decorated with red and pink flowers and decadent desserts to match has made this little spot a destination for locals that love to post personal photoshoots for the world to see.

As I had mention, Pony wanted the avocado toast. Most of the food and drinks were a little too chi-chi for my midwestern tastebuds so I opted for the Granny's Breakfast Muffin. The desserts though are a delightful visual and demand their own photoshoot. Now, I am not one to take picture of my food -- and I hate that I was that girl yesterday, but these tasty treats were just too pretty not to share!

After chowing down on a doughnut from heaven and macarons we decided to snap some pictures as the cafe was becoming quite busy. Note, we weren't the only ones getting content for the 'gram! Here are some pictures from our "photoshoot". Let me know if you have ever been there!


Lips: New Americana & Feelings by Lime Crime

Necklace: Victorian? - Vintage NV
Top: Vintage inspired - Thrifted
Skirt: Lace skirt - gifted
Slip: Black half slip - gifted
Stockings: Vintage seamed stockings - Canned Ham Vintage (Sarasota, FL)
Shoes: Rita Heels - Royal Vintage Shoes
Hat: Vintage 1940s - Antiquing

Monday, January 13, 2020

Last Haul of the Year!

Recently, I uploaded a video showing my final purchases of 2019. The video shows what I picked up thrifting, antiquing, and online shopping for November and December. I am hoping to do another vintage haul video in the beginning of May showing off my Spring 2010 purchases! I don't want to get too ahead of myself, so give the video a watch won't you? 

What are some of your favorite finds of 2019?

Friday, January 10, 2020

Ringing in the New Year with Tiki Teaseorama

Pony and me with Michael Cobb of Bettie Page Rum*
Welcome to 2020! I was thrilled to be asked to perform for the New Year's Party at local Las Vegas hotspot, The Golden Tiki. Their regular Tuesday event, Tiki Teaseorama is presented by Bettie Page Rum and is hosted by one of the hardest working gals I know, Darby Fox. Darby requested that I do my fans, but being that this was a joyous celebration, I opted to perform to a slightly different tune than my signature song, Wicked Game (by Chris Isaak).

Tiki Teaseorama every Tuesday at The Golden Tiki

Fuse Henry & the Lonely Drifters*
The evening started out a little hectic as I settled in with costume and fans in tow. As I arrived, Fuse Henry & the Lonely Drifters were already rocking the stage and I was greeted by hellos from friendly faces all around.

Accidental Marilyn Monroe*
As to my norm, I show up with hair and face already done, so there wasn't any reason for me to hide in back to get myself dolled up. Which was wonderful because my friend, Pony Poison joined me for the evening, so we were able to socialize and attempted to take photos throughout the evening. I decided to wear my extra sparkly "Snow Queen" costume that I had made for Red Hot Nutcracker (2018). Sure it was a costume, but it also makes an exceptional party dress as well! I was unable to perform in Red Hot Nutcracker this year, so I might as well get my monies wears out of it! Based on the fact that I am a blonde and the design of the dress, it always turns out that I become an accidental Marilyn Monroe!

Pink Sleaze. Just the Way I like it.*
When it came to the Burlesque portion of the evening, Darby Fox opened up the first set with a fantastic routine. A high energy flapper Charleston of a number, which was rather fitting for the 20's theme everyone seemed to have -- I didn't get the memo! It was now my turn. I performed a new number of sorts -- a variation of another new number that I am polishing up. This one starts out with a slow burn bump and grind striptease with stocking removal then moves on to the second part. The requested fan work! It's a bit humbling to hear the audience cheer for you knowing you just want to entertain them for a few minutes and make them forget their troubles in that short bit of time. It's a wonderful feeling knowing you did a job well done! I really do hope the audience enjoyed my performance and it wasn't just the booze cheering! The band played another set and it's almost time for the countdown but there is still time for a bit more Burlesque. Alaina Rose Lee followed. I have never seen Alaina perform before but was delighted to watch this gal tease the crowd. She gave a delightful Marlene Dietrich fashion inspired number that was just as jazzy as the 20's themed crowd of the evening! After she wowed the audience the countdown began! Happy 2020!

Slow Burn*

Hold this for me, wontcha?*
Shortly there after, Pony and I found ourselves at a local bar/restaurant where we ate the most horrendous pizza possible while she flirted terribly with the bartender!

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration over New Years! I am looking so forward to blogging again and just connecting with like minded folks! I do have goals, intentions, and resolutions for 2020... 3 of which I broke in less than 24 hours... and my mood has been uplifted this year, more than in years past, so let's see what the days bring us!

Kisses in the New Year!*
Marilyn and Bettie*
Happy New Year from Lo and Pony*
Marilyn, Dean, and Pony*

Thank you to all the people whose photos and clips I stole borrowed for this post. You are the real MVP's.

Photos with * by Hew Burney

Thank you, Pony for doing your best to film my act from which my act video clip was taken.* 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020!!

Happy New Year and hopefully a return to the blogosphere!

My wanting to start blogging again isn't just because of the New Year, but what a better time to reboot! I have been toying with the idea for some time now, of getting back into writing about the adventures in vintage, but then life -- ah damn -- we all know the story. Life is what happens when you are trying to live.

While this is just an introductory post. Prepare to expect more on the regular from me. What shall this include? Mostly vintage related content with a bit of Burlesque thrown in for seasoning. There may be hauls, advice, tutorials, general musings, and sharing the vintage aspects of my life. I also plan on posting about shows or costumes I may have in the works, both for Burlesque and cosplay, but they won't over run the blog -- I hope. I really want this blog to be a companion place to my youtube channel, which may also receive an overhaul.

For now, I would just like to wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year! Welcome to 2020!