Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Rosedale Smut

As a Burlesque entertainer with a flair for vintage, you can only imagine that along with the girl next door pinup shoots I do, I also LOVE the smut!

Now I know smut isn't for everyone. That is why I try to keep all of my "public" smut relatively tame.

But for those of you that do enjoy smut with vintage elements like seamed stockings... Let me share my OnlyFans link! You can subscribe for free!

You can see more photos like this for free! You can also purchase the full length video for extra smuttiness you won't see here.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

An Adventure a Shark Tooth Hill

I just had an incredible time out at Ernst Quarries near Bakersfield, CA! My friend Eric invited me out to join him on an adventure digging for shark teeth out at Shark Tooth Hill!

Though the weather was far too hot to be tramping around in the desert (it was 109f), Eric and I had way more fun than we ought to be allowed to have!

Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos or videos of us actually doing the digging. A combination of excitement and sun stroke had me forgetting to capture the moments! I did manage to get a few pictures of my outfit (that I put together weeks in advance). By time I snapped the pictures, my clothes were grubby, dusty, sweaty, and dirty! The sun, wind, and dust had all destroyed my curls, and I just looked disheveled.

Some highlights included;
  • Even though we were late, unprepared, no cash, only card, owner, Robert was amazingly hospitable and kind and allowed us to drive back into town to grab the cash we needed for entry and take us in after we returned. 
  • I was digging through the sand with my bare hands when I uncovered a 3 inch scorpion and was nearly stung! In my excitement to capture the fat little creature on film, I accidentally lead it to it's death when it hopped over a small mound right into a black widow's web, which she was more than happy to battle him and make him her next meal. I felt (and still feel) terrible for this and can only hope that this appeases Neith and pray that Serket doesn't take vengeance on me!
  • Though we only found a small lot of teeth, Eric found the prettiest (nearly a perfect specimen) tooth and I found the biggest. I only found one other tooth after that. I did find 2 neat fossilized bone pieces that were the nub parts. Fossilized bone shards are plenty out there!  
My Collection
With all that said, we cannot wait to go back!! Hopefully this winter when the sun isn't so brutal and we can continue our digs without dying from dehydration!

Here is a video my friend Eric made from the trip.

Eyeshadow: Maybelline - Unknown shade
Eyeliner: Too Faced Lava Pencil - Brown (DISCONTINUED) 
Top: Modern blouse - Thrifted
Pants: 1940s sewing pattern (unknown) - Made by Me
Boots: Dream Pairs - Amazon
Bandana - Modern unknown - had for years
Hat: San Diego Hat Co. - Amazon

Monday, July 13, 2020

Summer Haze

Last week I did a little impromptu vintage inspired shoot for my OnlyFans. I originally wanted to shoot against some floral foliage, but the landscapers came by and cut them all away, so I found another spot in my neighborhood and attempted to shoot on a half wall with shrubbery behind me. It's not as pretty as what was originally planned, but I think the photos came out pretty nicely!

You can see the free full (SFW) set - 14 photos on my OnlyFans page!

It isn't all smut over there, I do post a lot of "Safe for Work" FREE content as well. The smutty stuff is paid content and is always under under lock and key, so you won't have to worry about that! You can subscribe for free, so why not join?  (A credit card is needed to verify age, but no charged will be made unless you ok it.)

Eyeshadow: Tati Beauty
Eyeliner: Too Faced Lava Pencil - Brown (DISCONTINUED) & NYX Cosmetics Faux Whites Inner Eye Brightener - Seashell

Earrings: Vintage 40s/50s ball (possibly bakelite) screwbacks - Estate Sale
Top: Vintage Inspired - Thrifted
Shorts: Vintage 40s - Hollywood Regency in Phoenix, AZ (Closed)
Shoes: Vintage 40s/50s - Etsy 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Platinum Portraits

Recently I purchased a new camera for blogging, but it turns out it's a nifty still camera as well!! Pair this with my new ring light and my test shots turned out to be too nice to not share!!

I shot some in dramatic lighting (will post those later), but I also loved these brighter shots so I wanted to share!!


You can see the free full (SFW) set on my OnlyFans page! onlyfans.com/TheLolitaHaze 

It isn't all smut over there, I will be posting a lot of "Safe for Work" FREE content over there as well. The smutty stuff is paid content and is always under under lock and key, so you won't have to worry about that! You can subscribe for free, so why not join?

If you are interested in the smut... you can purchase this separate set with UNCENSORED topless takes like these.