Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Laundry Day

Does anyone else enjoy laundry day as much as I do? I wish I had more laundry to do! I say that, but I only enjoy doing my laundry. I can't say I'd have as much fun washing others' dirty clothes!

Happy Sunday everyone! What are your plans for the day that marks both the end of the weekend and the beginning of the week?

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Classic Hurrell

Most people who are into vintage or love old Hollywood are also fans of the black and white classic photography styles of George Hurrell. I am no exception. 

I played around with some light and shadows to create these portraits. I couldn't do much movement with the lighting, since I was shooting in a space not much wider than the chair I was sitting in. But overall, I think I did well for my limited abilities.

Though I am topless in most of the photos I feel like they still hold the elegance and charisma that the classic noir photos had back when Hollywood was Hollywood! So enjoy these censored photos. I do have the uncensored ones posted on my OnlyFans.

Forgive me for always posting/linking to my OnlyFans. It is now the base of my operations and everything I post online is posted in full there. I still think that readers of this blog can enjoy the content even if it is posted in a "sample" manner.

Thank you for reading!!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Surrender Dorothy

Last month I had a wonderful time doing a Dorothy bound from Wizard of Oz using what I had on hand at home. I thought this was a delightfully modern/vintage way to portray the 1939 version of Dorothy Gale that MGM brought to life! Notably her ruby slippers, or in my case my ruby roller skates!

I had this gingham blue playsuit I originally bought for summer skating outside. My friend Pony happened to mention that it reminded her of Dorothy and at that moment my mind took off to do a Dorothy bound. I was happy to be able to reuse my brown long wig I purchased for my Amy Fisher Burlesque act I did for Tease & Tails' True Crime 2: Crimes of Passion. Though it had bangs, as opposed to Dorothy's rolled back locks, I was happy just to "get my money's worth" from this wig. I remembered I had a pair of vintage 1950's red pumps that would look lovely with the gingham playsuit. While not the cinematic ruby sequined slippers, it still conveyed the overall look. While hoping I had some light blue socks that didn't clash with the playsuit, I happened by my roller skates. How PERFECT!! The red suede boots and red wheels would give my Dorothy a more personal touch! I then found a faux wicker purse to complete the look simulating her basket. Lastly as a small detail to the original book by L. Frank Baum, I picked up my (teal) green heart shaped glasses to pay homage to the Emerald City. You see, The Emerald City was such because one had to wear emerald colored glasses in the city making everything appear that jubilant green!

So off Pony and I went to The Velveteen Rabbit here in Las Vegas. They just remodeled their back patio which to their description was a Polly Pocket heaven. The mural on the wall had bold floral designs, which worked even better for me as I noticed there were poppies painted in the mix!

I really enjoyed doing this look and wouldn't mind doing it again just for fun! It's too bad that the MGM casino/hotel renovated it's inner decor years ago and removed all the references to Oz. What a fun place to have strolled around in!

Remember you can see the full photoset for FREE on my Only Fans by subscribing to my fan page for FREE as well!