Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Trading Post and The Bazaar

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to share with you two new vintage patterns groups I created on FaceBook.

The Vintage Patterns Trading Post is a new group for people that are willing to trade copies of their vintage patterns with each other. Simply create an album and upload pictures of all your patterns into it. On the fairness of a pattern for a pattern, you find another's pattern that you like, comment with TRADE and then patiently wait for them to look in your album for a pattern they like. They will also comment with Trade. From there you just make a copy of the pattern you have (through tracing or photocopying) and mail the patterns off to each other! What a great way to receive hard to find patterns until you can acquire the original! After all, I know we all take pride in having the originals. :)

Vintage Patterns Bazaar is a market place to sell your original patterns at affordable prices - $20 and under. No copies or PDFs. With the fees of Ebay and Etsy, prices for some of the more common patterns seem to have skyrocketed! Here you can still reach people who are interested in buying and you won't lose even more in fees (minus PayPal) when someone buys! It's a great win for buyers and sellers!

Both groups are just starting out, so there aren't many albums yet, but I have a good feeling bother groups will fill up and fast!

So if either of these groups sound like they could be fun to you, please join and get active. :)