Monday, October 26, 2009

My little black dress.

I just wanted to share my newest dress... My little black dress! My beau purchased it for me from Hollywood Regency Vintage in Phoenix, AZ. I actually spotted this beauty a couple of weeks ago. I was in HRV looking for clothes to shoot in and I saw this dress. I thought I would try it on and see if it would work for the shoot we were planning on doing. It fit like a dream!! Finding vintage 40's that fits my long torso is especially difficut! Usually if the vintage fits, the waist comes just under my boobs and not at the waist at all. So this dress was just right fitting at the actual waist! As beautiful as it looked, it unfortunately wouldn't work for the shoot and me being a broke bastard, I had to put it back on the rack. There are dresses that I love and fitr in the past, but none hurt like this one. Sigh...

So yesterday, my sweetheart and I decided to visit Heidi at HRV and on the way there he tells me he would like to buy me a dress and I should think about getting that one from HRV since I couldn't shut up about it! LOL. YAY!!!

I wish this picture would show just how great it is! It has a front peplum(?) with a sash hanging on the end. It really is gorgeous. I think this will be my little black dress. For coktail evenings or even fancy lunches out on the town.

So this is the dress... wish it showed up better. I'll take photos for sure when I wear this beauty!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Queens of Vintage - Helloween special.

How exciting! My Halloween photos were added to the reader's photos in QoV's Helloween special article. My photos joing the wonderful ones done by Syd Divine and Miss Amanda Lee. So take a look and see 1 extra photo not seen anywhere else!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beauty Bath

I just finished up a wonderful beauty bath. Sadly, I had no LUSH products to make my bath even more enjoyable. So sad... I need a LUSH fairy to bless me with a gift certificate for LUSH. Anyway, It was pretty nice. I gave myself a coffee scrub and shaved my legs nice and smooth... along with other areas... ahem. I soaked in the water and got nice and soft.

Afterwards I used up the last of the lotion on my legs and the rest of my body. I then put a thick layer of Vaseline on my feet and put on my soft and fluffy candy socks. I have a bunch of these socks I got at Walgreens that are super soft. Each color combo reminds me of some sort of candy or sweet treat. The ones I am wearing now are my Neopolitan icecream socks.

I feel nice, but not wonderful... I NEED MY LUSHIES!!!!

Custom photo shoot in the bathtub for anyone that sends me a generous GC for LUSH! Xoxoxox Only you and I will have copies of the set! Hehehehe

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween is just around the corner...

Tonight Perry and I did a photoshoot for Halloween. I didn't want to dress up in costume and pose, but rather capture the "spirit" harharhar of promotional actress and pinup Halloween photos of the past. I hope we did pretty good concidering we prepared very last minute!!

La Fine Photography 2009.

Dress, tap panties, bra, and shoes provided by Hollywood Regency Vintage

Vintage Halloween die cuts on loan from Jenny Kuller

I entitle this one. Beware of bitches who disguise themselves as witches.

And some more unnamed ones... I would post more, but I am too tired to and I want to go to bed. So enjoy these. Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How I get the main wave in my hair.

In my last posting I was asked how I got that main wave. Hopefully this photo will show how I do it. I just roll perm rods across my head in the same direction. Because my hair is all one length... or rather the "shortest" legnth is still below my chin, the wave will naturally form before the curly ends when being brushed out. Here I am wearing 6 rods, but I have achieved this with as little as 3. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jean Harlow Hair

So yesterday I knew I was going to do a shoot today, but I didn't have any particular style I wanted planned out, so when I set my hair, I just did a random set and figured what happens happens. So when I took the set out and started to brush, I thought it reminded me a bit of Jean Harlow. Now I know I don't look like Harlow, but I thought the hair was similar... maybe... kinda...?

Please note that these photos have NOT been color corrected so they have a bit of a cool tone to them. Also, since this post is about my hair and not the photos themselves, I did crop them in to show just the hair.

A couple side views:

This shows the dip of the wave nicely:

The best "back" view I have:

Sorry there is no tutorial... It was a random set so I wasn't sure what I would get. Oh! But I will say it was wet set with perm rods and slept in overnight to dry.