Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everythings better with a Coke. "Stockings"

I suppose I should have posted this photo a bit back, but ah well... I am posting it now. A couple of weeks ago Phoenix was having a street fair so I gussied myself up (not really) and decided to head down and support Hollywood Regency and The Jump Back Brothers. While there, I had my friend Doc take a fun photo of my stockings and Coke bottle. Little did I know the dog sitting on the futon was looking up at me completing the photo.

There was a cute conversation my friend CC overheard about my stockings. A young boy about 10-11 took noticed of my stockings and pointed them out to his Pa. Trying to be subtle the Dad kept quickly agreeing and trying to hush his son as the kid said things like, "Dad, look at her stockings" and "They have a line up the back". You could tell the Dad was admiring the stockings as well, but was trying to be less obvious than his son! :-D

I really do love wearing stockings and now that I have a decent garterbelt and girdle I can wear them with confidence as opposed to the cheapy garterbelts that are sold for fashion rather than function from places like Fredericks and Victoria's Secret.

For those who are concidering wearing stockings (seamed or not) for daily wear I really recommend investing in a good garterbelt, one with metal clips and not the plastic ones. It may be more expensive, but you will have less wardrobe malfunctions. Also make sure there is some material to the actual belt itself... those horrible "belts" that are an inch thick with straps attached are a waste. They are pulled down too easily by the stockings and won't support the stockings.

To aid in the shape of the stockings spray a quick burst of areosol hairspray over your legs once you have the stockings on. This helps them from sagging and giving you "old lady ankles".

I prefer nylon seamed FF stockings as opposed to lycra stockings one can find at VS. I have to order my stockings online, so if you do too be prepared to pay on average $20 a pair. You can find them for less and you can find them for WAY more as well. For the most part modern or "newly manufactured" stockings will run in 3 sizes S, M, and L in too lengths reg and opera length. Opera are a bit longer for tall ladies or heavier ladies. If you choose to buy vintage stockings know your size. For example I am a size 8 in shoes (10 inch insole) and in stockings I am a 10 1/2. This will make a difference... as my feet won't fit in a 9 1/2. I unfortunately don't know any size charts. Vintage stockings like shoes were made with a more varied range in sizes... unlike the generic size matches we have today.

I also like to carry a small bottle of clear nail polish with me just in case of a run. I believe Bon Bons carry a clear polish and the bottles are tiny and an usually be found under a buck.

If they don't have clear, just use up the color you get or dump it and put some clear in it.

I wish I could offer more care on washing and care of stockings, but quite frankly I usually end up running them and have to get a new pair before I get to washing them.

Here are some more vintage ads for stockings that I really enjoy.


  1. I purchased a very lovely suspender belt (for that is what we Brits call them) a few years back. It looks like a very serious piece of under-garmentry (and that word was entirely made up) and scared me at first .. I likened it to something Isambard Kingdom Brunel would have been proud of! But it's fabulous! It also has eight metal clasps. I could never turn back to those cheapy thin ones now, though I do still have two 1950's/60's ones that were my grandmothers which though I would never wear, I would never part with them either.

  2. I love that picture of you in the stockings with the Coca cola bottle. Very chic and vintage!!

    Stockings are great. I'm still partial to tights but have always wanted to wear nice stockings with skirts and dresses. :-)

  3. What about back-seamed stockings that are connected at the top (not sure what the term is, but I mean like tights?) Do they even make them?

  4. FF stockings are so worth the money, they go on forever! Well,the nude ones at least, the black ones look snaggy after one wear.

  5. I very much enjoyed reading this. I really, really want a very UNSEXY, FUNCTIONAL girdle with INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH garter clips, but I have no idea where to get them. Joe is opposed to me getting one -- he says I should just "lose weight" if I'm worried about my figure. Dudes just don't get it.

  6. Is there a modern stocking brand that you recommend?

  7. Miss M... I bet your garter belt is wonderful. The ones that your Grandma had are fantastic too I bet. Most women now a days have no use for girdles and I think the old ones scare them a bit. It's a lot easier to wear than most people think. I would love to try out an 8 clasp garter. So far I have only used a 4 clasp.

    Raquelle... Thank you. I think I like it with the dog in the photo better than I had originally pictured it with just me and the bottle.

    I like tights too, but only if they are for fashion and are funky in some way like fishnets, prints, or lace. For the most part I do not enjoy the hose around my girlie bits and stomach.

    Kate... I am assuming you mean just the pantyhose that have the back seams, correct? I have only worn those once and they were a cheapy Halloween costume pair, so I can't offer much information on those. If that is something you feel more comfortable with, by all means wear them. I personally enjoy the little extra effort that goes into wearing stockings. Mind you there really isn't any more effort than any kind of legwear, it just seems like it. :-D

    Fleur... I agree. It seems as tough I have worn the same pair over and over again and they are still good as new! Of course, now that I said that, I just know I am going to snag them on something!

    Amy Jeanne... Yes, boys don't get it. Even the skinniest of broads need to wear shapewear sometimes to create a flawless silouette. The ones I have, I bought at a vintage store. So I can't recommend any you can find online or in a department store. To be honest, I am not even sure how to read sizes on vintage girdles, I try them on to fit. So next time you find yourself in a thrift or vintage store check out their garter belts/girdles, but make sure you try them on.

    Lisa... I am not sure about brands exactly, but I get my stockings from Magnolia Hosiery.

  8. beautiful photo and good advice about garter belts x

  9. Those plastic clips on garter belts, completely worthless.

  10. I should photograph my grandmothers ones, they're really cute, if not astonishingly tiny! Not with me in I hasten to add - I don't want to scare everyone!

  11. What a wonderful informative post.

    I laughed out loud about the boy tying to discuss your stockings with his father.

  12. I love to wear stockings too. The shoes don't feel right without them.

  13. I love the Pearl Action Shot there!

  14. Your stockings are fab!
    I have plastic clips on my garter belt and they've only come undone once or twice when I first got them. They're pretty sturdy. But I would like one of a more substantial size (in terms of material).

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