Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bombshell! A Tutorial!

Really? Where has all the time gone?? I have FINALLY made the video tutorial I promised back at Easter time when I posted this photo of my hair.

My Easter Hair
Although it took me awhile to get to a tutorial I am happy that I finally did it. I hope you are too. I got very little sleep the night before, so I both look like poopy butt and my personality is as dull as my wall and matching shirt. For that, I apologize and hope you still find the tutorial helpful.  

Mamie Van Doren looking far more glamorous than I ever will.

You can view the whole tutorial here: Lolita Haze on Youtube

Otherwise, here is a very basic step by step.

*Lightly use your favourite setting lotion on each section that you roll.*
**I did this set on completely dried hair only misted with setting lotion on each section.**
***Make sure you give your hair adequate time to set so your set doesn't either brush out completely, or droop after a short amount of time. Setting time will vary from person to person depending on your hair's attributes (length, thickness, texture).***

Step one: Section off 2 rows, temple to temple, and take a large blue/green perm rod rolling each section down (tightly) towards the head, rolling backwards, away from the face.

Click any photo to enlarge
Step two: On each side of the face, section from the top of the ear up to the part and roll the smaller purple rod vertically towards the face.

Step three: Randomly roll the peach and/or purple rods up to ear length on the rest of your hair. Rods can be rolled up or under, it is not important which direction, just that the rest of the hair is curly.

Step 4: Let the hair set. I recommend either an over night set or use of a bonnet dryer. Either way, give your hair time to dry and set. If using a bonnet dryer, blast the set with the cold or cool setting for the last 5-15 mins. This will help solidify the set.

Step five: Remove the the bottom rods followed by the side and then the top rods.

Step six: Do a proper brush out and brush the top section back and then to the side. Brush the sides back. Your hair will be frizzy or fluffy to start, but keep brushing and shaping your hair until you get the desired look. Don't be afraid to play with your hair and shape it. Note: Hard bristle paddle brushes with break up the curls, soft bristle brushes will help shape and smooth the curls. Don't be afraid to use more than one brush!

Step seven: Spritz some hair spray to hold your style.

Step eight: Own the world like the beautiful starlet you are!

I hope that this helps you achieve that coveted BOMBSHELL hairstyle!

Now on to the best part! I am letting YOU BEAUTIES decide my next tutorial! Choose from the pictures below. Leave your comment either here or in the comments of my YouTube video. Voting will go until I have time to make the tutorial! :-D Choose the updo worn by Priscilla Lane or the down do worn by Anne Jefferys.

Most importantly, let me know how this tutorial worked for you. Please send me your photos of your glamorous do! I would love to include it in a retrospect video about the tutorial. Let me know other videos you'd like to see -- not just hair tutorial.

Thanks so much guys!

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