Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ATTN Phx Girls!! Marco Patino is coming to town!

If you live in the Phoenix area or Arizona and want to get your photo taken by the fantastic Marco Patiño get ready because he will be coming to Phoenix this June! Contact Miss Tayva at for more information. I do believe that I will be getting my glam on with Marco!

Check out some of his work!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Outfit of the Day

As usual, I was running late for work, so I just threw on a ratty ol dress given to me by Heidi. Hahah Not that she gives ratty dresses as gifts, she just knows that my standards aren't very high. Bwhahaha. Another lazy day when it came to my hair. I just brushed out my 3 day set. and wore it down with a ribbon. Not very exciting, I know. But I had on my stinky shoes, so all was well with the world today.

I am probably not going to be posting outfits of the day for the next few days. I am in the middle of a move, so I doubt you will want to see me in jeans and a t-shirt. Besides, I have conditioner in my hair and will be washing it out in the morning. Therefore I will have wet hair also known as not styled hair. Boring... :-D

Monday, April 19, 2010

Outfit of the Day

Today I wore a dress I made many moons ago. It buttons all the way up in the back. I also made a bolero to go with it, even though the original pattern di not call for one.

Feeling lazy with my hair, I just did a giant front roll and pulled it back into a ponytail.

My shoes are my fantastic jelly shoes I thrifted! Yay!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Outfit of the Day

This is a dress I got off of Ebay a few years ago. It is made of nylon and surprizingly comfortable. I couldn't get a decent full body shot on the floor, so I had to do a lame mirror shot. The socks are plain socks and the peeptoe shoes are my infamous "Stinky Shoes". 70 years worth of stink in there. I got them off of Ebay in worn but great condition. I have worn the hell out of them... and there are holes in the side and the soles are pulling off. Everyone wants me to throw them out, but not until I get another pair! Muahahahaha Not anything remarkable, but it is what I wore to work today.

Oh and ignore the ugly rockabilly hair I am sporting today.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear LUSH,

Dear LUSH,

You know I love you dearly. I really do. Today was no exception. The local LUSH is having a sale this weekend. 50$+ gets you a free goodie box. I knew I would have NO problem grabbing 50$ worth of treats, but I managed to keep my spending under control. So what I got is...

Aqua Marina - I am obsessed with the smell of this stuff. Normally I don't like oceanaic smells, but this one I adore. It was my first facial cleanser I got at LUSH and one of the best for me. I need to put it back into my rotation.

Turkish Delight - A new product that I thought I would try out. It smells nice. Not OMG! THIS IS THE YUMMIEST SMELL EVER, but a nice smell. I have been wanting to try out on of their smoothies, so I grabbed this one. I hope I like it. If not, that is ok too. I can just give the rest to my bitch.

Coolaulin - I am on the hunt for something for my hair now that I have fried the crud out of it. I need something nourishing and moisturizing. I want to try all their hair products before I settle on one that I really like.

13 Soap (Unlucky for Dirt) - Not my fav smell in store as it smells too much like oregano, but in shower and afterwards, it isn't so bad. Plus it has helped a bit with the occational body acne that creeps up.

Sacred Truth - A anti aging mask that I thought I would try out. Now that I am getting older, I am looking it. I look like a blasted grannie sometimes, so I want to fit it all with all my might and this might help.

Supernova bath bomb - I don't really take baths, but I am finding myself addicted to the bombs now. Why, because when I wear my stinky shoes I am forced to do a foot soak. This helps so much with it and it is funn-er than just plain ol soap.

Hiney Bun bath bomb - Same reason as Supernova.

Free Gift: Katie's Box. What? That sounds dirty. Each employee put together a lkittle box of their 6 favourite products. Katies box includes...Smitten, Shave the planet, BIG, Veganese, Noubar, and the gold glitter bubble bar.

Samples - Paradise Regained, Imperialis, Creme Anglaise

For my Tayva - Sakura solid perfume, and Brazened Honey.

So you know I will be diving into these goods... You know the only thing I hate about going to Lush...? Having to wait until bedtime to use it!!!

The local LUSH is having a best facemask photo contest on Facebook. Here's my entry. Hehehe SQUEE!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home movie

I made a "home movie" of Perry and me when we were out playing with the dogs today. I wanted to share. :)

Are you, "In the Mood"?

Tonight was the opening reception for the Phx Art Museums exhibit, "In the Mood". It is a wonderful collection of 1940's clothes. I am happy to say that Hollywood Regency had a few pieces in the collection on display.

Perry and I arrived dressed to the nines. I wore a 40's party dress on loan from Hollywood Regency as well as pearls, gloves, and shoes. The only thing that was mine was my underpinnings! :-D Perry was looking dapper in his dark navy suit. Sadly, he hates having his gorgeous self on camera so there are no pictures of him. I am starting to wonder if he is wanted by the law somewhere. Hahahaha. While we waited for Jenny to arrive, it was so wonderful to run into our friends from Matilda's Closet! Rose and Nikki were perfection. These two know how to work it! Doc, Jodey, and Max turned out to be a great surprise and we hung out with them until the lecture was to begin.

Dennita was the spokes lady and head mistress of the exhibit. She gave a wonderful lecture on the fashions of the 40's. It was nice to hear her make mention of Jenny and Heidi in reguards to contributing knowledge and pieces for the night. Jenny missed it, unfortunately. She was running late and they wouldn't let her in. :( We filled her in when we got out.

After the lecture, we mingled for a few and then made our way to the crowded exhibit. I want one of each please! No photos were allowed, so you'll have to get just a taste from the link I provided or if you are in the Phoenix area the exhibit runs through August.

So onto photos. Everytime I wanted to take someone's photo, someone else would come up and ask if they could take one of me and who I wanted to snap together. I really wasn't wanting to take photos with me in them, but you can't deny the public... although after seeing photos I wish I had! LOL. Why didn't anyone tell me I looked like crap?!

Enjoy the photos! No particular order.

Jenny and me. Jenny ended up not feeling well and had to leave shortly after this photo. Feel better.

Helen and me. Helen helped with the exhibit. She wore her Grandma's class ring. 1945!

Blurry crowd shot.

Doc n Jodey

Myself with a lady somehow connected to the event. I forgot her name. Barbara I believe. I had been admiring her outfit all night and was finally brave enough to ask to snap her photo.

Me and Nikki. I love how Nikki's head is perfectly framed by the art on the wall on the other side of the room. It was good to see her and play catch up!

Ashley and her friend Debbie. I met Ashley the day before. I sold her that velvet 40's dress. Her and I spent a good while chatting about fashion while we shopped around for her dress. She's a fun gal!

Bart and Friends Band