Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brew City Bombshells

Last night I made my Wisconsin Burlesque debut with the Brew City Bombshells in Milwaukee! I had a wonderful time and thank everyone who was there. You were all so lovely!

I didn't get any pictures, but I did get a quick snapshot after I got home... I am obviously tired as it was 2:30am. I'm an old fart now. :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scarlett Johansson We Bought a Zoo Premiere - Love It or Hate It

Scar Jo walked the red carpet for the premiere of We Bought a Zoo donning a style very similar to the pink hair updo sported by Katy Perry not too long ago. Same stylist, maybe? Scarlett's blonde locks were swept up in side rolls with a coiffed front that blended in nicely with the sides.

Her 2 piece dress by Dolce and Gabbana was very a nice tribute of 50's lines and quilted designed high waisted skirt with a very 90's bust crop top. Worn simply with a black belt and gold jewelry.

While her look didn't scream authenticity, I really like her dedication to looking classy while keeping it current.

So, what do you think? Love It or Hate It?

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Confetti Earrings and Bangles from Miss Tayva Jewelry

Just when I think Miss Tayva can't top herself, she whips up these hot items! Confetti Earrings and Bangles! Done in classic and modern color combinations... sure to add just the right touch to your outfit! It's always a nice surprise when you find confetti jewelry out and about, but that doesn't happen quite as often as we'd like it to... so now you can get your own set to match whatever outfit you want!! She is amazing with the treats she comes up with! I'm going to buy me a set soon, but I don't know what colors I should get. Help me!!! And get yourself a set too! These are already flying from her shelves so make sure you order yourself some! Tell her Lolita sent you! xoxoxox

Red Carpet Rock n Roll all the way!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Katy Perry II Mtv EMA's - Love It or Hate It?

Recently seen at MTV's EMA's in a kitschy 50's look with an 80's beat! What do you think? Love It or Hate It??

Personally I really dig the look. I am on the fence about the shoes... I love the idea of heels saddles, but not quite sure I like those particular platforms. The hair is wonderful and her dress is fantastic! The jacket I can take or leave, but love it with the overall look.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Katy Perry Hair AMA's 2011 Love it or Hate it?

Did anyone see Katy Perry's style at this year's AMA's? I know I am late to the game as I didn't watch the program, but I did find these photos of her on the net.  I am wondering what you all think? One one hand I like Katy Perry (like, not love, not OMG GaGa love, not it's Madonna 'nough said love) I really like that she is a mainstream woman bring vintage style to the general public. Why some "vintage people" get all up in arms about her for her style or deny they have ever heard of her - I'm not buying that - I'll never know. Amy Jeanne, I know why you don't like her, but it has nothing to do with her lack of "authenticity" in vintage styling. I'm just bitching now, back to Miss Brand... I like the hair. In all honesty I think it is a well polished style. I see a lot of people try to go vintage and it is just a fail... messy, uneven, not quite right... but her hair style here is pretty darn well executed. The bangs could be freshened up, but I'll forgive her since I suck at faux bangs too. Hehehe Her dress is another matter for me -- I find it distracting and not in a good way, but I am posting this for her hair and nothing more. I know she wore her hair in another style(s) through out the night, but this was the most vintage.

Click the image to enlarge

What do you all think? 
Love it or Hate it?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Heidi's Regency Blog

In order to try to minimize "selling" posts here at this blog... I created a blog for Heidi's Regency. That is where I will post the majority of my "I'm selling goodies" posts. So please follow that blog for the latest happenings at Heidi's Regency! Thank you!

Heidi's Regency

Happy Halloween!

Careful not to say my name while looking in the mirror...

What are some of your Bloody Mary stories?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Darkbloom Imagery - Self portrait

I have been needing to make some promotional images for Darkbloom Imagery so I took some photos today of myself, until I can get more models. This was actually a pain in the ass to do since I have about 5 feet less space than I really need. Looking forward to making Darkbloom Imagery a success here in Kenosha so I can rent my own studio!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The story of Heidi's Regency
Many years ago I met a fabulous woman who loved Vintage, Western, New Orleans, and most of all Kitties. She was a directly honest woman who never candy coated her ways and always played fair. She was a great supporter of community and artists and just loved life. While being a full time accountant in her own business, she still found the gusto to open up her own Vintage Shop in Phoenix, AZ. That woman was Heidi Owens and her Vintage Shop was Hollywood Regency.

Heidi was loved by many and loved many in return. Her store too was an amazing treasure in the wonderful shopping district of Melrose and the 7th Ave curve. Her business became such a treasure and success, she had to expand into a bigger space, not too far from the original location.

Sadly, it was at this time that the cancer that Heidi had survived years before, returned and in the end took her life. She was a fighter up until the end. She never wanted to be treated as someone who was sick and refused to let the cancer become who she was.

Unfortunately after her passing, Hollywood Regency was sold and renamed and after that I lost track of what became of the store.

I had a hard time deciding if I should name my Vintage selling "store" after her or not. As much as I wanted to pay tribute to her in my own little way, I felt that it may be looked down upon because my little nothing of a store couldn't compare to the grand woman that touched so many people. I finally said screw it and named my store Heidi's Regency. She is the one who inspired me to embrace the "sickness" that is buying and selling vintage plus, I wanted to do my part in keeping the original Hollywood Regency alive -- even though I am now 2000 miles away from it's origin. Although I would love to have a store front, I doubt I have the business savvy to do that -- so for now, it's an online store.

So those of you who are wondering who Heidi is... She is a woman that taught me, trusted me, pushed me, promoted me, and most of all believed in me!

Heidi Owens... You are still missed very much! Love you! XOXOXOXO

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Finds

I didn't have quite so successful of a thrifter's weekend this past week. I did pick myself up a couple of things and some goodies to put up for sale. Hope you all had a better week than me. :)

Perfect for your bobbypins! Will be listing later this week on my etsy.
From 1954! Year round gardening from Better Homes and Gardens! Will be listed on my etsy later this week!
Jello molds! I am keeping these babies! I have seen far too many recipes in my old rags to not try them out!
More sewing goodies! I am keeping these! I hate to have to use them especially if they are on original cards, but I can't have non-usable vintage in my home!

You can find my etsy at: Heidi's Regency

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Finds

Wooden Scotty pin, "Mother" brooch, dutch girls pin, silver holly earrings, rose on celluloid earrings, black round earrings, green ball earrings.

I am convinced that Kenosha is the land of the rummage sale. Every weekend you can find at least 20 in a 3 mile radius! Most are junk, some have something, and every once in a while you strike gold! This weekend was not filled with gold, but I did get some goodies... Here are some of the finds I got either at thrift stores or at rummage sales.

Share with me your weekend finds!!!

2 hats that need to be rebashed and restiffened and mustard colored gloves.

head scarves

Perry had one of these, but threw it out when we moved (he told me I couldn't keep it) so when I found it... I had to get it!

More sewing goods. You can never have too many I am now convinced.
One half of the cooking books -- you know for the cooking I won't ever do!
The other cooking books I won't use.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chris Isaak - Beyond the Sun

Amy, Chris, and Me
If you know me you know I have a hard on for Chris Isaak! His new album drops October 18th, 2011. I've already heard it and it's pretty damn sweet. Highlights for me are Dixie Fried, Miss Pearl, Great Balls of Fire, and Can't Help Falling in Love. I urge you to grab this album when it is released. His voice is tender and oh so smooth...

Here is a video sampling I made to promote the album. The pics and videos were taken in Stateline, NV a couple of weeks ago when we saw him in concert. Enjoy!

Outfit notes:
40's gabardine western shirt
40's brown slacks
30's western cowboy boots
giant rubber scorpion pinned to my hair.

In case you were curious, Amy and I had a Cowboys and Indians theme...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Green Thumb

Normally when I think of my green thumb, it's green with envy seeing all the wonderful home grown delights that others produce. Victory Gardens and flower beds grown to full glory with such ease that you think it was like putting on your panties every morning. But let's face it, while I can keep animals alive far beyond their time on Earth, I cannot grow a damn thing! Seriously, I've killed cactus. When I am able to get something to grow, it buds maybe once before it goes to sleep forever. It could be many things, not enough water, too much water, small planters, wrong time of season -- whatever the reason, vegetation doesn't last very long at the hands of Lolita!

This summer I wanted to grow things. Anythings. I am always a sucker for the $1 bin at Target and there they have little seed kits. I picked up a few. I can't remember what flowers they were -- as I am pretty sure they all died off. I also picked up a pepper kit. While I don't like peppers, Perry does, so I got terribly excited over the thought of growing him peppers to eat. While that isn't exactly a Victory Garden, I am on my way!

The plant grew for many months, but never sprouted a pepper, just leaves. Then one day I noticed something different. There it was, about the size of a pea, my first pepper!!! I was so excited I called happily for Perry to come take a look. Ok, maybe yelled is a better word than call -- I am sad that I didn't take a picture of the little pea pepper when I first saw it. Even though I told myself to take a picture.

Here we are a few weeks (maybe a month) later and it was time to bring the plants in the house. I see my pepper is still growing! About the size of a dime now. This time I took some pictures. Here is my pepper! Even if this little guy dies tomorrow, I will be happy to know that he made it this far -- which is a victory for me on my own!!

I really hope that it continues to grow and ripen into a big yummy pepper and has little pepper babies of his own. So Perry can sauté them up in a pan and gobble them up!

Tell me about your food growing experiences! Also which of the categories do you fit under? "Green thumb all the way", "I'm great with animals, but kill plants", "I am awesome with both", or "Meh, they're both goners in my hands".

Sunday, October 9, 2011

That vintage feeling...

I know it's been a long time since my last post... Sorry about that. I just wanted to share with you 2 of my latest finds.

Firstly this rayon cord purse. I just thought it was a cute purse to have. It's on the smaller side so it's perfect for that casual night out.

Secondly... I got these today. This is where that vintage feeling comes in. I am sure you all have experienced it yourself. That thrill you get when you spot something competly wonderful.

My eyes nailed these shoes and instantly I lost my poker face. I started to shake as I sat down on a bed that wasn't properly sturdy and nearlt fell through. It would have been worth it! I couldn't get my shoes off fast enough as I kept repeating over and over, "Please fit. Please fit." I could feel myself getting ready to cry because I thought for sure they'd be too small. They fit like a dream!! These babies were mine!!!! So I looked for the sign for how much shoes were... you ready for this? $1.00. I got these vintage spectators in my size for a dollar!!! This has to be my best purchase yet! Even better than my $40 full length seal coat!

I can't wait to wear these pretty ladies out!

So what is your latest find that gives you that vintage feeling?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials

Kenosha (like most towns) host a Summer music series in the park. Ours is oh so cleverly named Peanut Butter & Jam. Yesterday Perry and I made sure we went down to see the fun. We have missed all the shows up until then, but we made an extra effort to go to this show. Perry knows the drummer of the band and hadn't seen him in years. Lil Ed and the Imperials were playing and it was some amazing jump blues. These boys had the crowd out and dancing from the beginning. It was really nice to see everyone just unclench and dance. You don't see much of that anymore. It was just as enjoyable to watch everyone have a good time as it was to watch the band. The outdoor dancefloor... scratch that... outdoor dancegrass, was a pretty big area considering the amount of people who came out (I would guess it was near 500). Perry and I only danced the last song - and we barely did at that! The floor was jam packed so we had to grab a little spot just off to the side. Perry and I barely get to dance together anymore. So when it does happen I eat it all up!

Now that I know how enjoyable the Peanut Butter and Jam is, I'd like to go again, but there is only one band left for the series and it is truly doubtful Perry would go see a disco band!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Make up Review: Pink Quartz Minerals Lipstick

This past Saturday I hosted the Miss Symco Pin-up Pageant at the Symco Shakedown. More on the show in a later post. As part of the swag bag there was lipstick from Pink Quartz Minerals. Pink Quartz Minerals is a vegan mineral cosmetic company out of Neenah, Wisconsin run by Doree Klassen. I thought it may be fun to do a review on the free goodie so that is just what I will be doing. Pink Quartz Minerals did not offer the lipstick for review, I am just doing it on my own. *After looking briefly on the site, it seems these were specially named and designed for the Pinup Contest*

I received the lipstick in the shade of "Rumble". Though the label is an orange red, the actual shade in tube is a pink red - a slight hair away from being a pure magenta pink. The visual consistency is thick opaque with darker mineral dots.

I wore this lipstick for a whole day to get a real feel for the lipstick. This lipstick is definitely an eco lipstick. The base wear is a vaseline texture, but not waxy. It felt a teeny tiny bit gritty to me at first, but that is because I am not used to natural makeups.

The color wears more like a stain than a lipstick. When applying the lipstick, it goes on very light, but with a few swipes across my lips I found it quickly got darker. It's not a pure opaque shade of pink, but rather a blushing color of the lips. It's more like a tinted moisturizer than a traditional lipstick. The nice thing however is that it is in stick form, so no dirty stained fingers and goopey outlines.

You will have to reapply semi often. Not for the texture, but for the color. It does fade, but when it does it is an even fade, so if you can't touch up right away, no worries. Due to the petrolium base, it does come off in eating and drinking, but the color is even when it comes off.

Suggested Use For:
I suggest this lipstick for girls that aren't comfortable with a traditional solid red, more natural vintage girls that just want to add color without looking made up, or for those casual days where even your favourite red lipstick looks too made up. Outdoor activities like camping, beach going, or hiking will be a great time to wear this as the lipstick will be moisturizing and the color will be just enough to keep you at your pinup pretty without looking like you are trying too hard. Being that it is a Vegan Mineral lipstick, I think Eco-Girls will like to try this as well.

7 of 10 stars
I like that it is a vegan product. I may be a fur wearing vintage gal, but I also believe every little bit helps. I like that even though it wears like a tinted moisturizer with stronger color, it isn't messy to apply like many tints and stains. I prefer solid mattes, so I would like it more if it was a traditional based lipstick that isn't glossy or chapstick-y and I would also like it if the color was stronger.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lolita Haze for Miss Tayva Jewelry

Not going to lie... I am so excited to make this post. One of my best friends has started a new jewelry making adventure. You can imagine how happy I was when she, Miss Tayva, asked if I would model her jewelry. I already knew from her pictures of her goodies that her stuff was awesome, but I was not prepared for what came in the mail. These pieces are even better in person! It made me kinda nervous about shooting in them. I was starting to stress that I couldn't do these pieces justice. Especially since I was doing EVERYTHING with the shoot. I mean everything!! I did the styling, hair, makeup, photographing, and editing! But in the end I think I got some decent images.

Her pieces are vintage inspired. So were the images... from the 50's, 80's, and today! Each piece is really hot and fun. As Jem would say, Truly outrageous!

So seriously... Go get yourself some fun bright jewelry! You can find her at Miss Tayva Jewelry