Monday, March 16, 2009

The Genius that is Busby Berkeley

My friend Dori introduced me to the name Busby Berkeley. While I was familiar with his work, I didn't know that his vision belonged to one person. I didn't know he had a name. Dori had purchased a Busby Berkeley DVD Collection and invited Alicia and me over to her house to watch the extra special DVD devoted to nothing but Berkeley's musical numbers. We all fell in love with the cinematic origasm that he produced. A kelidoscope of scanty girls and dreamy guys was something Alicia and I wanted to own. I am a bit short on funds at the moment, so I still have to wait to order my set, but Alicia bought her's right away and for the last week, every night we'd sit and watch one of the movies from the box set.

Gold Diggers of 33 and Footlight Parade are my favourites from the set. 42nd St was nice and we plan to do a book club on it real soon. Unfortunately I thought Gold Diggers of 35 and Dames were just dumb. Dames had me a bit "eh" due to the fact that the main characters were 13th cousins and in love. I don't care if it is 13th or 1st... cousins are cousins. Alicia and I had a laugh about it when she said, of all the scandalous and immoral things you do, 13th cousins is what offends you? Hahahaha

I really enjoyed what Berkeley put on film for us to cherish as movie goers.

I am looking forward to when I am able to get my set and other movies that he choreographed for.


  1. Gold Diggers of 33 is Fantastic!! You're right-- Dames does get points taken off for the cousin ick-factor!

  2. Dames is alright -- I LOVE Guy Kibbee in it. He makes the film. GDO '35 is pretty lame. Hollywood Hotel is Busby's best post-Code movie!

  3. Footlight Parade is one of my favorite movies of all time. It has everything a movie needs, dancing girls, Busby Berkley, great clothing and, of course, my boyfriend, James Cagney.

    I keep it on my Tivo at all times. When I am in a bad mood watching the "Shanghi Lil" number always cheers me up.