Monday, January 24, 2011

My Elvgrenesque photo for Halo Piercing

Not too long ago I did a couple photos for Halo Piercing, a local piercing joint here in Phoenix. I had almost forgotten about it until a friend of mine mentioned she really liked my photo for Halo. Curious to what she was talking about, I asked and she showed me the latest College Times newspaper and boom! There was my photo in the new ad! Squee!! So here is the ad, the photo and the inspiration!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiration Sunday

So here is something new I wanted to try out. A weekly feature if you will. Inspiration Sunday. Each Sunday I will try to spotlight someone or something that is an inspiration to me.

I think I will start off with the always gorgeous, Debi Mazar. When people think of main stream vixens who channel the past many here think Dita, Scarlett, Christina, and even Gwen from time to time, but I usually think of Debi.

I caught her new show on the Cooking Channel, Extra Virgin and you should see her!! She wears vintage inspired and her hair! She probably does the best Hedy Lamar style out there! Which would make sense as she was a hairdresser back when... Her vintage styles are very inspiring and she always looks amazing!

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I've always been a fan of Debi's. I first learned of her through her friendship with Madonna. (As many may know, 80's Madonna is a style icon for me.) There after I fell in love with her when she portrayed "Spice" opposite Drew Barrymore's "Sugar" in Batman Forever. Since then she has remained one of those celebrities I've always had in the back of my mind. Always gorgeous and looking like the original Barbie. Mrs. Mazar is an Inspiration of classic perfection to me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby!!

On this day in 1904 a weak lad was born. He was Archibald Alexander Leach. Born in Bristol, England to an over baring mother and a tired hard working father he found his early years wanting nothing more to be his mother's little Prince. And she would have it no other way. Sadly when Archie was 10 his mother was put away into a mental hospital while he was away at school and it wouldn't be another 20 years before he saw her again and knew what happened. After this the little boy who wanted nothing more to be a little boy sought out adventure. Now that he wasn't being babied by his mother he would run off and find entertainment... It was here he discovered the stage and joined a young boys Vaudeville troupe of acrobats. After many years and one thing leading to another, this now grown man found his way into movies... He figured out as a young boy that he could disguise his insecurities by pretending to be someone else. He got so good at this that by time he entered the movies he had everyone fooled -- including himself.

So today, I wish a Happy Birthday to the boy who would later become my one true fantasy love. Happy Birthday, Archie!!

Happy Birthday, Cary Grant.

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"Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant." ~Cary Grant

Monday, January 17, 2011

That 60's thing!

Saturday night was a blast! My girlfriends and I went to see Showstoppers Live at Casino Arizona. Showstoppers live is an impersonators show. Silly, but fun. It was my gal pal, Kristy's idea to go out and she wanted to do a 60's night. All the girls looked amazing. Sadly the only ones who got their photos taken, were me and Kristy.

I was trying for a Sharon Tate look, but somehow I ended up with an amazing Zsa Zsa Gabor thing happening. Either way, it was a nice way to moderize myself, even for one night. Plus I had a great time with my girls whom I haven't seen in such a long time, except for Alicia. I see that girl all the time. :)

Kristy and me with Elvis!

Kristy and me with Chachi... er... I mean Dean Martin!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, Where have you been?

I'm not pregnant... the coat just makes me look that way. That and my winter weight. LOL

Hello my Cherries! I have been wanting to do a post for awhile now, but unfortunately my computer got sick and just now found it's way on the mends!

I know that there was so much I wanted to post, but now I can't remember so this will be a short highlights post.
For Christmas my fella came home for a visit. He has been working back in Wisconsin since October, so it was wonderful to have him back. Even if it were just for a few days. Neither him or I really get into the holidays that much so it was a quite morning at home. We then took a motorcycle ride up South Mountain. We were surprised how many people had the same idea as us.  Afterwards we came home for dinner and enjoyed the early evening. Later in the nighttime we headed out to the local Rhythm and Blues bar to see some friends play that evening. Perry hadn't seen his friends in awhile so he was excited to do so.
2 tired peeps.
I took some pictures of my outfit from the evening, but they really didn't turn out and I looked rather poopy. My hair had fallen flat and I just looked cruddy. These pictures are partially why I decided to cut off 3 inches of my hair.

The following day we did some shopping. Perry needed some pants so we found ourselves in Dillards were I got 2 great pairs of shoes.

One pair was on clearance and I thought they looked 20's/30's ish. The second pair I fell in love with right away, even though I have to wait til the summer to wear them! I thought the sandals were very Ginger Rogers. I had to have them. they too were on sale. Imagine my surprise when I was flipping through an old girlie rag from 1941 only to see the SAME SHOES!! Well, almost the same... the 41's were closed toed and mine are opened, but still! Yay!

Other than that not much has been happening. I've become a bit of a hermit and haven't gone out much -- if at all. So to sum up this post it would be -- My fella, shoes, and haircut. Yay...?