Friday, February 27, 2009

The accidental pageboy.

I could never for the life of me do a pageboy style. My hair is far too thick and the curls would never hold shape properly. Something about my face shape too...

This past Thursday I had a photoshoot for a local business. I wanted to show off the vintage side in me while modeling their wares so the day prior I got my roots touched up and my yellow toned out. While sitting with my girl -- Mrs. Kristy Richardson -- we decided (and when I say we I mean she) to dry my hair and straighten it. So that she did. Blow dried and flat ironed. I know from past straightenings that my hair will NOT hold curl even when set over night after it has been flat ironed. I have to wash it before it will curl again. But being lazy I threw in my sponge rollers with some gel hoping that my hair would give me a very side part face wave. (Take note: When I usually set my hair for this style, I don't use sponge rollers or straightened dried hair, but rather cold set with perm rods.) Needless to say, the next day I had no real curl and no wave. The best I could do was to part it like I intended and pin up the one side. As I did this, I noticed that for the first time... I had a bit of a pageboy!! Wowzas!

My look came out more Tragic Kingdom Stefani than Veronica Lake, but it was a "retro glamour look". I have no idea when the photos will be released or when or if they will be used, but it was fun never the less. I am excited to see what gems come from the shoot as the photographer is quite the snapper! I wouldn't mind doing a shoot with him individually, but I don't think that is his interest at the moment. Oh well... at least I got to work with him in this format!