Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Down Tucson Way + bonus

Over Memorial day weekend, Perry and I spent our one year together in Tucson AZ. I had never been there before, but he had many moons ago when he played with The Moondogs. Or was it the Riptones? Anyhow... Being vintage lovers, we decided to stay overnight at the Hotel Congress. Quite Famous for it's role in the History of 30's gangster (that is gangster not gangsta) John Dillinger. We got in not as early as we had hoped, but settled into the room fairly quickly. It was a beautiful rooms with green walls, original bed frame and a black and white bathroom. It made me realize just how much I want a large deep tub and wooden windows. It really was an amazing room!
Click on the photos to enlarge

O(n the way to Tucson.

The closet - 2 vintage dresses, a vintage dressing gown and vintage nightgown.

Cheesin' it up.

It was getting somewhat later in the day and we had brought down with us Perry's motorcycle and wanted to take a bike ride somewhere. We ended up going up Mt. Lemon(?) after a near decision to go back to the hotel because of the heat. We continued forth and had an enjoyable ride up the mountain, through the desert, canyons, and then forest. Funny enough, we turned around to head back before we reached the top because it got too cold! It really was an enjoyable ride. Here are some photos and video. Warning, the video may cause vomiting. LOL

Getting ready to take a motorcycle ride.

Stopping to enjoy the view.

Scenic views from the bike.

Another short photo break.

More scenic views from the bike.

After we got back to the hotel we were both beat, but I was hungry so we had dinner at a place called Chad's Steakhouse. It is your typical steak joint. I thought it was yummy, Perry wasn't impressed. It was nice anyway. As I say it isn't what you do or where you go, it's the company you're with. And that was perfect. Note that the bike rise earlier stole my curls, so my hair is rather flat and ugly. Blech. After dinner I took a relaxing bath in the tub and Perry fell asleep.

Going out to Dinner

However I woke him up just in time for photos... cause he loves photos! Hahahaa.

Some say ghosts... I say DUST!

The next morning we met up with the Lovely Syd Divine. I don't know how she does it, but she is even MORE beautiful in person than in her photos. Both inside and out. She was kind enough to free up her afternoon and take us shopping to the various vintage stores and show us around a bit. While shopping I was able to find the PERFECT squaw dress. I was quite thrilled! Plus I also picked up a pair of 40's pumps and another fantastic 40's dress. It was while spending time with her that we came up with a most fantastic idea! I will talk more about that at the end of this post. Syd was also kind enough to pose with me for some fun photos.

Waiting for Syd in our room at Hotel Congress.

Breakfast is served... and consumed.

Outside the giant Tikihead Bar.

All these photos and more line the underpass.

Posing at the train station.

Vintage girls and our modern toys.

Saying good-bye to the Hotel Congress.

It was getting late and Perry and I had to head home, so we said good-bye to our new friend Syd and made our way back home to Phoenix.

It was a much needed vacation for Perry and me and we were able to reconnect and that was worth the drive down alone!

Syd and I were talking about how we each have special vintage bloggers out there that we really would love to meet in person. For me, Amy Jeanne, Dizzy Dame, and even the little Miss Eel who pops in every once in awhile, jump to mind right away. Along with others like TinTin, who don't really vintage blog, but still someone I met online. This got us wishing that there was some sort of Vintage Bloggers Convention where we could meet some of the people we've come to call as our "online friends". Then we got to thinking... why CAN'T we do this? We've already worked out some outlining for it, but want to know if there would be a call for it. We were thinking about hosting the first one on Labor Day Weekend 2011 in Tucson, AZ. A year away. So my question to you is, would you come?? Depending on the response would depend on the convention itself. We really want it to work out as a vacation for everyone since we're hoping those from far and wide and across seas would join us (Fleur de Guerre you come to mind). Basically, if enough people came we could set it up as a con with vendors, lectures, dances, shows, and tours and are looking into a historic resort area in Tucson. If the feedback is small, we were thinking just a small weekend hanging out at a bed and breakfast. While we don't have figures yet or a hosting venue, we wanted to put it out there and see if all you vintage bloggers would want to meet up for a weekend to meet not only your vintage blogging idols and celebrities, but the ones you've come to call friends! The idea behind the Labor Day Weekend 2011 is that we want people to have time to save up their $$ for the trip, we also want to promote it as a family vacation. (Tucson and Phoenix, AZ were favourite vacation spots in the 40's and 50's.) We also figure that most school sessions don't start up til after, so no worries about the kids being in school, if you plan on making it a family affair. While we hope to be having adult social activities such as cocktail hour, swing dances, and a Burlesque show, we do want to stress that this is a family fun environment. So before I continue forth with more details, My question to you is, would you come?? Please if you like this idea and want to see it happen, please make a post about Syd and I trying to make this happen on your blog to gain even more interest!!