Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vintage finds

My girlfriend and I found our way to a thrift store and I picked up some fun and random vintage linens. I am not into linens, per se, but I have found that I have somehow gotten more than I could imagine. When it comes to vintage, I have no knowledge on linens... so if any of you out there know anything, please feel free to share.
Click on any photo to enlarge

I picked up a cotton hankie and a silk scarf.
I also picked up 3 towels. My new job wants us to go green by bringing our own hand towels to use instead of using paper towel. Yay! Any excuse to use these vintage lovelies!

My favourite... what looks to me like a 30's half apron! I can't wait to bake something while wearing this!!!

I do have to clean these before I can use them, but I am CLUELESS! I want to just toss them in the wash... any tips before I do just that?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog absence...

Sorry Loves for being so quite, but here you'll see just what has been keeping my time this past week!

One of my best friends got married this past Saturday so this week was dedicated solely to her and her now husband.

My love to Marina and Dustin.