Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Lolita Haze Birthday Extravaganza Thank you & Recap

I FINALLY have a moment to sit down and write my THANK YOUS to everyone involved in my Birthday Day show! I apologize for taking so long to write this out...
Firstly, Thank you to Ricardo Montalbum for letting me take over January's Burlesque at the Boom Boom Room show and making the show all about my favorite person in the world -- ME! You may have created a monster -- but I am ok with that!
To all my amazing co-stars for making me smile non-stop and making me a better and stronger performer by being the fantastic performers you all are. Blanche DeBris, Buttercup Delight, Farasha The Bronze Goddess, Jeffrey Xerxes Brice, Kitschy Koo, La Rosa Muerta & @Gigi LeMew, and Miss Katie, every single one of you has brought joy to my life and one of the major reasons why I wanted each of you to be part of my show and celebration of my little ol birthday! For those I cannot tag in this post, I will tag in the comments.
Lili VonSchtupp... I have known you the longest of all and I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you drove out just to be part of the show! You were everything I could ever want in a host and more! You are an inspiration!!
Dearest Tiffany Carter, I was not lying when I said I hope to become a Legend of Burlesque like you. You have been a wonderful presence in my life and I am beyond grateful that I can call you friend!
Mr. Dirty Ears, thank you for being a great sport! We may share a birthday, but it's hard for me to share the spotlight!! 
Kym DeeHard Body Photography, Joe Mez, and Trixie Topovskyr, thank you all for helping make the night complete!
To you, the audience!! I know a bunch of you drove many hours to spend the evening celebrating with me!! It was humbling to know that I was enough of a reason for you come out and support local live entertainment! Thank you to all of you who brought me gifts!! Your presence was all the presents I needed, but the gifts you gave me are loved and appreciated! Your thoughtfulness will keep me smiling all year long!
I want to give a extra big thank you to ALL the Legends of Burlesque that came out to the show! My goodness!!! I can't even comprehend the magic that was in the room that night! Bambi Jones, The Magnificent Monique, Marinka, Dusty Summers, Tempest Storm, Lovey Goldine, I am in awe of each of you! I cannot even tell you the joy and love I feel knowing that all of you were there with me that night! 
I want to apologize if I missed anyone in this post. I am overwhelmed by the support everyone has shown me. If it wasn't for all of you... only my dog would see a part of me that I am blessed to be able to share with you. Let me tell you, he's not really impressed, so thank you everyone!!!
My love to you all!!!
Humbly yours, 
~Lolita Haze

Lili VonSchtupp from Los Angeles came out to host the show. I have known Lili since her start in Burlesque and find her to be one of the most inspirational badasses in the biz. The audience loved her! She was comically on fire and her Vagic mesmerized all!

The show opened up with Buttercup Delight. She has a naughty clown routine and I knew I had to have a clown at my Birthday show!! Lolita Haze Fun Fact... Though I am not a fan of clowns... I come from a line of circus performers one of which was my great great (great) Grandfather who was a clown! Buttercup Delight performs comedy and sex all in one act!

Look! It's our kitten, Lady Kym Dee... local pinup model. It was her first time kittening and she did a great job!

Next up was this beautiful soul! Farasha the Bronzed Goddess is an accomplished belly dancer making her way into Burlesque. In her short time as a Burlesque dancer I have seen her grow leaps and bounds... or perhaps seen her grow bumps and grinds, like no other!

It was a great joy to get this fan favorite and busy gal on the bill!! Blanche DeBris wowed the audience with her incomparable Sound of Music in 6 minutes routine! If you ever get the chance to see her perform this -- take that chance! This is one of those brilliant pieces that will better your life!

Drag King and up for anything superstar, Jeffrey Xerxes Brice performed his Michael Jackson, Billie Jean routine for me! Being that Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's Say Say Say was my first glimpse of Vaudeville, I had to include Jeffrey in the show! This may be my favorite routine of Jeffrey's!!

Closing out the first half of the show was the Quirky Cutie herself, Kitschy Koo! What's a Birthday without cake? Kitschy brought out the best kind of cake -- the lady filled kind!!

Before we broke for intermission ~ I was brought up on stage for a Happy Birthday song and cake! Hurray!! The audience was so willing to sing and my heart grew 10 sizes that day!

Coming back from intermission Miss Katie got the show popping' again with her balloon act and intense dancing! Katie brought the legs and rhythm! I am so happy I was able to include this busy lady in the line up.

Abracadabra! La Rosa Muerta and Gigi LeMew brought the magic with their stunning tribute to Siegfried and Roy! Las Vegas' legends in magic and entertainment! Just like everyone else who has ever seen this act, it was love at first sight when I saw them perform this a few months back and I knew I needed it on my birthday!! White tigers, tits, and all!

I could not have a birthday show without the romantic words of the heart performed by friend and producer, Ricardo Montalbum! As always, his naughty poetry was a hit with everyone! He is a smooth operator!

Speaking of legends ~ I am beyond proud and honored to have Burlesque Legend and Miss Nude Universe 1975 perform as only the greats can perform! Tiffany Carter has not only become a mentor, but a friend as well! She dazzled the audience and left them in awe of her classic style! She is a lady of Burlesque!!

Last, but not least... I had the soft debut of my newest act, DecoDance. Class, sex, and tassels. I wanted to push the sex appeal of this act and am pleased that everyone ate this act up and wanted more! I will be expending this act even further and can't wait to elaborate the costume even more.

Curtain Call!!

With the man about town, Ricardo Montalbum.

After the show I did my best to mingle and chat with everyone, making sure to get snapped with the legends.

Here I am with Bambi Jones and Tempest Storm. Yes THE Tempest Storm!!

Can you believe Lovey Goldmine just turned 70?? Don't worry, I didn't spill a lady's secret ~ she is more than proud of her 70 years!!

Not only is Dusty Summers a Burlesque Legend, but she is a Vegas legend as well!! The first woman pit Boss in Vegas!!

Of course, me with the delightful, Tiffany Carter!

Not pictured... Legends Marinka and The Magnificent Monique.

Lastly, here I am with Burlesque fan, Roy! Roy drives up from Bullhead City, AZ every month with his wife and friends to support Burlesque! Have you thanked your fans lately??

My birthday weekend finished with a group of us heading to the Peppermill and then the Golden Toki afterwards. Waking up the next day for a 5 hour brunch buffet session with 20 of us performers and producers from Vegas and LA, and then ending the night with seeing Jubilee for the very last time.

I can't remember the last time I had a birthday this wonderful. It really was a humbling weekend realizing that these are my friends and this is my life!


  1. Hi Lolita,
    That looks like a lot of fun! I was really impressed by the black shoes you were wearing with your gordious red velvet dress. Could you tell where you got them? I would be very grateful! Thanks for posting those inspiring posts! Regards from the Netherlands, GonnieMarie

    1. Thank you. My shoes are vintage that I purchased in an antique store. Unfortunately they are not new and can't be readily purchased. Thanks again for reading!