Thursday, November 14, 2013

BurlyCon 2013

WOW!! What can I say about BurlyCon that hasn't been said a million and a half times already? Of course BurlyCon deserves to have all those amazing things said another million and a half times! Before I get into the details of the weekend, I wanted to say a few things first. This was my first BurlyCon. The Con was in it's 6th year and for the past 5, I have wanted to attend, but never could. I love vintage, I do. I love the vintage community and the pinup community and I am happy to be part of each of them. However, I remember being in a class and just looking around at all these wondrous people in their yoga pants, Burlesque t-shirts and no make up and a feeling of, "THIS IS WHERE I BELONG" swept over me. It really was a magical and emotional experience for me. A surreal moment of absolute comfort amongst a room crowded with strangers that felt like family. Most importantly, BurlyCon you made me feel ALL THE FEELS! Seriously, BurlyCon I love everything you do and stand for! Though for most, the glamour and sparkles and magic happens on stage... THIS is where the real glamour and sparkles and magic happens!

I apologize for the lack of photos and the photos I did get are all me with so and so photos. Note to self... It's time to invest into an iphone so it is less awkward to take photos and video.

I flew in on Wednesday to spend a lovely evening with Ri Ri SynCyr and her Grandma (who is quiet the lovely and awesome lady, herself). We had dinner and chatted most of the night and it was wonderful to spend physical time again with my best friend after 3 years apart. Giggling and laughing and just over all loving the time together before sleep. But! It's not time for sleep yet! I forced Ri to sit up and set her hair for the next day with me. :) It wasn't as painful as her curse words to me would have implied. Then it was bed time.
How can I sleep when my BFF won't stop making me giggle!


Pike Street Market Place
The next morning the 3 of us ladies took a fun trip down to the Pike Market and though it was raining, we still have a very enjoyable time! Unfortunately, it made me like my town a little less since we have nothing as calming as a crowded and busy street market. Her Grandma dropped us off at the hotel afterwards and after sad good-byes we made our way into the hotel for registration and changing... We would now do our first classes at BurlyCon 2013!!

Ri and me say tootles to the Market Place reluctantly!
Ri and I separated and she went to panel skirt construction with Penny Star Jr. and I went to sit in and listen to the fascinating  Legend, Wild Cherry! She spoke of her days performing in the 50s-70s and spoke about being a mother and how she got her name and some funny stories of backstage bickering. She was joined by her daughter and was kind in answering everyone's questions. She was also gracious to take photos with people afterward, which of course I did!!

Me with Burlesque Legend, Wild Cherry!
You see, in the past I have been terribly shy and intimidated by these women of yore and could never work up the nerve just to say thank you, let alone ask for a picture! Sadly many of these ladies have since passed on and I look back and regret every moment I had and didn't take when it came to meeting these women! So this time I FORCED myself to and was a bumbling idiot of tongues a'tied when trying to say, "I think you are AWESOME!" to this admirable woman. She let out early so I snuck into the last 10 mins of Penny Star Jr.'s class with Ri.

Together, we then went to Burlesque Booty with Peekaboo Pointe to learn all about shaking and bouncing dat ass! Her class was unbelievable and her ass... it moves on its own. I found myself becoming hypnotized watching her demonstrate! She was a great teacher and made the class feel comfortable all while having fun! I must must must get her DVDs soon!  Psst... fun fact about Peekaboo, she also blogs! Find her writings at The Stripper Housewife.

Ri with Iva Handfull in Peekaboo Pointe's Burlesque Booty class.
We were pumped and jazzed by then and super excited to get ready for the night's vintage meet and greet which is exactly what we did -- Meet and Greet! We both ran into familiar faces and Ri introduced me to people she knew, but I didn't. We also met a bunch of guys and gals neither of us knew, but do now!

I met these two beauties, Anytime Jones and Lola LeSoleil.
Ri Ri SynCyr, Dustin Wax, Holly Dai, and myself, Lolita Haze
We attended that night's Peer Reviews and they were quite inspiring!! I know that the performers were looking for help with their own acts, however, listening to everyone's comments helped me as well! I now will be taking into consideration thoughts and ideas from the audiences' perspective when it comes to my acts in the future.

It was a marvelous evening that tired us out... so after a painful decision to say goodnight, we went up to bed for some sleep. Tomorrow would be an early one and another day filled with classes would be waiting for us!


With the excitement of Thursday's meeting of people and the sharing and discussion of ideas, I was not able to fall asleep for a few hours while all the many Burlesque guys and gals danced in my head. So unfortunately I missed the first morning class in order to catch a little bit of extra sleep.

My first actual class of the day, this being Ri's second, was Waxie Moon's Burlesque staging and technique class that explored the space we use to tell a story and the tempo of our movements in our acts.  While I did learn a lot about how to incorporate the theories and techniques he was teaching into my own future acts, I couldn't help but feel emotionally stupid as many people were calling out big and exciting words when it came to what they were seeing in the examples shown. While there was no right or wrong answer, my feelings of what I was seeing was rather lack luster to the emotions they were reading in the simple placement of bodies in front of us. Well, whatever, it was a great class and it makes me want to exercise my brain more with reading into emotions. Which is quite difficult for me since emotions equal pansy ass hippie shit -- now get off my lawn!

The Keynote Address followed and it was wonderful as well. What an AMAZING amount of talented and dedicated people it took just to get this thing to happen! I didn't realize so many people were needed! A HUGE hug and thank you to all the people involved! Your work is appreciated! Sincerely!

A walk to Atomic Cosmetics was next in line. I do believe I may have to toss out ALL of my makeup and skin care and replace it all with Dr. Jen's lines! This really may be the end all of end all. A later blog post on Dr. Jen once I have explored her goodies a bit more thoroughly.

After a Delicious BBQ lunch Ri and I made our way to Tease & Tone with Michelle L'Amour. You know, because nothing says let your lunch settle like exercise! Honestly though, it was a great workout that was low impact and fun! After the class, I bought her DVD and caught up a bit with her and look forward to her next dvd to come out -- Booty Lab. I haven't been able to watch/do Tease & Tone yet, since I have been home, however when I do... I blog about that as well!

Once again I separated from Ri and when she went one way... I went to hand work and exotic movements with Legend Wild Cherry. She was such a gracious and loving teacher! What a treat it was to see her dance in nearly the same way as she did 50 years ago! She had to rest up a bit because of breathing problems, but oh how sweet it was to see her still moving it as gracefully as she did at age 24! Such a joy I will cherish always!

Now apparently there is as 4 hour time gap in my memory, as I can't remember what I did at those moments! My guess is that I went up to the vending area and lost time since my suitcase came home a little bit heavier. ;-D

Next thing I know it was time for Burly Prom! I wore my vintage 1940s nude and navy formal and it got a lot of attention and love! Thank you everyone who made me feel special with the lovely comments about my dress. We started out absolutely squeezing together in a what should have been huge room but was quickly filled with performers in their glamourous gowns. Soon there after the music began and the dancing quickly followed! Moving in and out of the room, Ri and I took many photos of us with so and so people. Which you will see in the photos below. This is where I took most of my photos. So forgive the "Me with ____" pictures. I should have taken more action shots, but alas, I lived it and forgot to chronicle it. 

Ri and me with Cheyenne Naughty
With Cherry on Top and the baby bump. Hers -- not mine.
With the gorgeous Jo "Boobs" Weldon
With my new crush of the event, David Bishop, The Bishop of Burlesque
Ri in her To Wong Foo dress, which I dubbed the Oprah dress. Yes, I realize that makes me Gail.
If I were gay and she were single, I'd try to make SweetPea my girl! I just think she is sexy!
Penny Starr Jr.'s scandalous prom dress, Penny Starr Jr., and me! I'd like to give an extra big thanks to Penny's boob for making me look like I have a 20 inch waist!
Scarlett Letter looking mighty fine. Oh and me too!
Ri Ri and Caramel Knowledge
Lili Von Schtupp and myself.
With Kitten Deville
Me with Ruby Joule who is doing her best Dynasty impression!
Such a night it was! Surrounded by the guys and gals of Burlesque! Are you jealous yet, because you really should be!

So I was apparently tired beyond again on Saturday morning because I can't remember what the hell I did all morning! I know I didn't take any classes, but whether I stayed in bed or roamed the halls of the hotel I am not quite sure. 

My first class wasn't until the afternoon and by this time Ri had been shaking her booty in movement classes all morning. I took Jovie DeVoe's Beyond the Snap Tape class that talked about various options for improving your hardware and therefore your costume reveals. She was such a cutie (sorry Jovie if you hate being called cute) and I wanted to be her for the day. The best part of the class is when everyone got chatty and she gave "the look" she gives the children she teaches when they get chatty. It was a laughable moment especially when she caught herself doing it. I think she needs to utilize that look when ever she needs too and never apologize for using it. Back to the class. I learned a handful of tips and trick and look forward to repairing/building my costumes.

Next up was Tango in Burlesque with Ruby Joule. This class was filled and was a bit difficult to see/move, but in the end it worked out nicely! Every one enjoyed learning the slinky cat like ways of the Tango and felt sexy doing it! I had to stop towards the end thanks to my dead shoulder and back pain. ARG! But I still think what I was able to learn will help my stage presence immensely.

Next up for me was Touring with Kitten DeVille. Kitten shared many tips and tricks that have worked for her in her own bookings for shows when it comes to touring. She spoke mostly about being booked overseas, but I believe a lot of her theories will help with stateside bookings as well. Though she was afraid she wouldn't have enough to talk about, she could have talked another 3 hours and we'd still want to hear/learn more. I hope she comes back and teaches this class again next year! I'll be there in the front row again! So if suddenly you find that I am looking to get booked in your shows a lot more now -- you can blame Kitten DeVille! Hahahaha. I stayed after class along with a couple other girls and chatted some more with Kitten. It was a wonderful experience and though I missed my final class of the day, one I was looking especially forward to, in the end I think just talking Kitten's ear off was much more beneficial to me that had I taken my fun class.

I snuck into the last 15 mins of Perle Noire's African and Ethnic dance class, the one I was looking forward too, and decided to just watch since I wouldn't be able to catch up with the routine they were doing by that time. Ri was there sweating her behind off and it looked like so much fun! I am sad I missed it.

Classes were now over for Saturday.

We headed on in to Peer review and then to the movie. We were very sleepy and actually went to bed before the movie began. We're old.

Sorry. :( No pictures from Saturday. Boo!


Sunday was the last day of classes. I was determined to get up early this time and take the morning classes. Which I did! Go me!! Ri and I started out our morning separating. I took a lovely lecture class on Burlesque Publicity by Vivienne VaVoom. It was a class that really made me think what I could do ito get more notice. Hehehe the devil in me is starting to stir.

The genuine happiness to see familiar faces after years pulls at my heart strings! Here I am with Vivienne VaVoom!
My next class was how to get booked with Darlinda Just Darlinda. Darlinda is a fair, honest, shoot straight from the hip kind of gal and I think she is just great!! Our styles aren't the same, but the mutual respect for each other brings me happiness. Her class was insightful and even with the PSA in the middle, it was an honor to take her class. For those of you curious, her PSA was about ending the rivalry and hate amongst performers and troupes! She told a story about how her and her clan were traveling and got booked in a city with a troupe. The "rival" troupe went around town and tore down all their posters. I was like, That actually happens??? I was befuddled. More people should feel as strongly as she does about ending the feuds. Sadly those that needs to hear the PSA the most were no were to be seen. *sad face*

One of my longest Burly Girlfriends - Darlinda Just Darlinda!

I met up with Ri in the merkin making class taught by Lola Love. I just listened as I didn't have any supplies for that because "surprisingly" I was unprepared! They really need to teach a how to be prepared class, because I have a lot a lot a lot to learn! We sat near Penny Starr Jr. and had a wonderful time in that class as well.

After lunch Ri and I separated again and I sat in for my very last class of BurlyCon 2013, Making Burlesque Your Business. Paneled by Jo "Boobs" Weldon, Sydni Deveraux, Zora Phoenix, and Bella Blue, this class  was a great eye opener. Listening to people that have done it was a gift people, A GIFT!

With Amber Ray! The thing I love most about BurlyPeeps is their fairness. We met through less than positive connections, but she never treated me with anything but respect despite the tension between the mutual parties.

Are you sick of all the good feelings yet?? Honesly Not a single bad thing can be said about BurlyCon! Except maybe that it is over. :( 

The very last part of BurlyCon is the tear jerking Closing Ceremonies. Not going to give away that secrets of this -- you will have to attend BurlyCon for yourself next year to have this experience! 

With CoCo Lectric!

Ri and I finished off the night with bonding, packing, eating, and loving. Not to mention we're already scheming for next year!

One night while we were waiting down in the lobby, I forgot which night it was, but I want to share this story, the craziest thing happened to me! It was rather touching. Ri and I were chatting and a girl comes up to me and quickly says, "I have been wanting to tell you all weekend that you are the reason why I started performing Burlesque" I responded with a shocked, "Me????" I was sure she had me mistaken for someone else. Then she mentioned seeing me on the Fedora Lounge so it had to be me, right? I asked her name, but missed the first part because she was speaking so quickly. She then said, "I am so intimidated by you right now," and ran off! I was like don't go I want to hear more about you!!! But she was gone. :( I am still not 100% convinced that Ri didn't pay some girl off pretending to be an admirer since she knew how sad I was feeling for having not been performing in nearly 5 years now and having no one know who I am. :) Either way... Doolittle... if you are reading this... please contact me! You ran off so quickly and I wanted to hear more about your adventures in Burlesque! This really picked up my spirits... here I was in a puddle of sadness and self doubt thinking I was a has been and meant nothing to no one and yet I inspired 1 person to get on stage! Doolittle, I think you did more for me in that brief 30 secs than I ever did for you and I THANK YOU for that! XOXOXOXOX



Monday morning was the saddest of them all -- between having to get up at 4:45am and having to say good-bye to BurlyCon and Ri it was bitter sweet. The sweetness came knowing I would be getting home to my boys!

Bye Bye my Ri Ri! I will see you again soon!
Until next year BurlyCon!
So there you have it! My 1st time at BurlyCon!! I hope to return next year and see even more familiar faces and meet a whole new set of faces!!! If you made it this far... I hope I haven't bored you too terribly much! Thanks for reading!!

Old Friends and New Friends! Here are some more performers' sites to check out!!

and the Grand Dame of them all


  1. Sounds and looks like you had an amazing time! We just had The New Zealand Burlesque Fest here and that was a blast as well. I also love seeing everyone not in stage persona as well

    1. It really is a treat to learn from your peers!! I thought for sure I would have enjoyed my time and would leave feeling good about having done it once, but now BurlyCon is like a drug. I have to have it again!!!

      Yay for the NZBF!

  2. Weekends like these are always so rewarding and motivational. Definitely a must when you're just coming into a Wisconsin winter. Blech! So don't loose the momentum. Make notes; make sketches; keep toning! Can't wait to see what you've got planned!

    1. It's so overwhelming! I need to take a class from you on organizational skills and time management! I find I end up spinning in circles trying to find a starting point! I don't know how you do it!!

  3. Ri Ri's "friend" at the prom with the red hair is Caramel Knowledge.

  4. Ri Ri's "friend" at prom with the red hair is Caramel Knowledge.

    1. Ah yes! Thank you! I giggled a bit at the wit of her name! Now I feel sill for have forgotten!

  5. Her facebook page:

  6. Yay, one of the girls in our burlesque troop went to burlycon this year too. She loved it, one day i'll have to try to make it out. So fun!

    1. Fun! Who was your friend and what is your troupe?

  7. Looks like you have been having fun! I wish that there was some form of vintage community near me, currently I do it all on my own. It looks so much fun to have friends interested in vintage!

  8. Girl, you were one of the pioneers! I'm sure there are tons of ladies out there who were influenced by you! XO

  9. aww! Anytime Jones is one of my good friends! love her!