Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh LUSH how I love thee!

I was treated with a gift certificate for one of my favourite stores -- LUSH!! Oh how I missed the delightfulness that is LUSH. Being that I have been all out of my LUSH stash for some time now, I had to stock up on my staples and unfortunately had to pass on the extras, like bath bombs and bubble bars. Next time I will stock up on pampering goodies!

I did get a small bar of my favourite soap Honey I Washed the Kids. I wasn't going to leave the store without that one for sure!

I also grabbed a bit of 2 of my favourite facial cleansers, Coalface and Aqua Marina. I should really hate AM, but I am in love with it's seaweed smell! So clean smelling.

I needed to get a fresh face mask (only availible in stores) and was hoping they hadn't run out of my favourite, Brazened Honey. Luckily for me, they had plenty in stock so I picked one up.

One more "for sure" thing on my list to get was a massage bar. I wanted to get one so I could give Perry a full body massage. He has been working so hard lately and I know he would enjoy it, since he enjoyed the last one I gave him. What he didn't like, however, was the massage bar I used. Glitter Glitter. The smell is nice, but he could have done without the ever lasting glitter on him. I however, will be using this massage bar to pre-glitter myself before a show from now on. I wanted to choose one that was the least offensive to him, so I settled on Each Peach. There were about 3 other massage bar smells that I enjoyed as much (if not more), but I think Each Peach would be the one most pleasing to his nostrils.

The last thing on my list was to get a small bit of Chox Away. I found it to be a great shaving soap, so it is nice to have it on hand.

I still had some credit left on the GC so I looked around for new things to try out. The SA Melissa (or is it Michelle - I always forget her name) gave me a hand scrub using Snow Fairy and Fairytail Sugar Scrub. I fell instantly in love with both so I added those to my basket.

Even if I am not interested in a certain product, I still like to smell them! Take the shower jellies for example. They don't seem like something I would like. I have never bought a jelly before and had no real interest in trying them. Well, I am smelling each one when I came across Sweetie Pie. It smells EXACTLY like You Snap the Whip a body butter buffer that I had tried in the past and LOVED the smell of. What I didn't like was how quickly it melted and vanished in the shower. For $13.00 I expected a little more longevity in it. So when I smelled Sweetie Pie I had to get it!! I am hoping the jelly lasts longer than the body butter.

I wanted to get another butter cream so I decided on trying Heavenly Bodies a chocolatey delight! I tried Lemslip and liked it a lot. Not so much for myself, but thought it made a wonderful guest soap for the bathroom and a nice quick cleansing hand soap for the kitchen sink.

My skin has been freaking out lately since I ran out of my beloved face cleanser from Cosmedicine. Being that the GC was for LUSH and not Ulta, I looked a bit into the skin care that LUSH carries. I really couldn't decide what to get. I knew I NEEDED a moisturizer, but being super sensative to their heavy oils, I decided to pass on buying a full tub of moisturizer and try a spray toner instead. I decided on Breath of Fresh Air. Hopfully it won't make my skin flare up.

Last but not least, I picked up another fresh face mask. Oatifix is a new(er) ffm and it sounded soothing from the description so I picked one up. I am actually looking forward to trying this one out tonight.

Being that skin care was my first concern, I picked up samples of Dark Angels face cleanser and Celestial mositurizer.

So tonight I think I will be trying out a bunch new products. Tonights menu includes Sweetie Pie to cleanse, Dark Angels to cleanse and decoxify my face, Oatifix to soothe and nurish, Breath of Fresh Air to tone, and Celestial to moisturize. Of course I will write reports on each product after I use them. I know they aren't vintage, but I love LUSH so much I have to rave!!



  1. Yeah, I'd pass on the moisturizers. I know your skin, and I'm certain you'd have issues with most of them.
    I was surprised that Cosmetic Lad didn't clog me up. Vanishing Cream was excellent, but too light. The others, my skin HATES.

    Here's a tip to make your shower jellies last longer: crush it into a bath pouf. You won't need that much then.

    Breath Of Fresh Air is excellent! I was using it when I was having all of those hormone-related skin issues, and it was very soothing. It would take the redness away immediately!

    Aquamarina is bad-- I love the smell and want to eat it!

  2. I had luck with Enzymion Moisturizer, but I want to try them all to make sure there isn't one better. If Vanishing Cream was too light for you, it may be perfect for me!

    I am actually surprised at how long the jelly is lasting! Much more crack of the whip for your buck! I don't have a poof, but if I get one I will do that!

    So far breath of fresh air is nice. It isn't hurting anything, but I have a feeling continual use of it will help. It's not an over night miracle like sweet japanese girl (which they discontinued by the way), but I'll give it time.

    What is with Aqua Marina? It smells ridiculously good. Far better than seaweed should!