Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Vintage Purists

The life style that was lived yester year was not an Amish or Menonite lifestyle. Had energy savers, computers, cell phones, and other marvels of the modern world exsisted, they would have used them and enjoyed them then as people do today. So get off the computer you purists and quit your whining!

Thank you.


  1. Since I live in Amish, Mennonite land here in PA...I will be happy to tell you that even they use cell phones and other modern conveniences Why?? Because like you stated above, it's available!

  2. WtD... Your kidding me!!?? I thought their whole philosophy in life was simple and hard working. Modetrn technologies were a no-no... I thought Mennonites were more strict than the Amish about it too. Damn... You learn something new everyday. Hahaha Either way my point still stands and you just helped prove it even more. :) Hehehe Thanks!!!

    Miss Matilda... I am just tired of people spouting off how horrible certain modern creations are all while on the internet! Arg!

  3. amen - don't like technology? turn off your computer. go light a candle and rub some sticks together while you go out to hunt your dinner with a rock.

    i love the past but prefer to live in the present.

  4. i am totally amish. wait what? damn

  5. Inky your comment is so funny, this is so true.

    Lolita you are awesome, I mean you already were super awesome in my book, but after this post even more so.


  6. Inky... Exactly! AmyJeanne had a wonderful post about similar feelings as well. I understand wanting the aesthetics of by-gone eras, but to eliminate all technologies but the computer is insane. Especially since (like AmyJeanne said) most of the vintage you know, love, and own was somehow gained over the world wide web!

    Twila... I know you are. Your beard gives it away. ;-D

    Darla... Hehehe Thanks. I am just a brat plain and simple. :-D

  7. God the purists strike again. How they annoy me so!

  8. Haha, exactly! I like my mod-cons.
    -Andi x

  9. I knew this one asshole of a vintage purist who used an alias when sending out emails, so people wouldn't think it was him...
    He was so Mr. 1956, that he claimed to never use a computer.
    "That technology wasn't available back then, so I won't use it".
    Right, that's why he was always sending photos of his ding-dong to chicks he wanted to bang, on his CELL PHONE.

    I think those sort of people are LOSERS.

  10. HA! YES! I love interwebs and technology! :)
    If they would have had it, they would have used it!

  11. WORD! They are good for a laugh, though. I've always wanted to say these, but fuck those uptight re-enactors who have a problem with my tattoos and twists on vintage. I do this EVERYDAY -- not a few times a year you poser loser.


  12. Good job! What do the critics have to say to that, huh? Huh?!

    Amish are more strict than Mennonites, to my knowledge (I live 1 hours from a Mennonite town.) Mennonites drive swanky cars, use cellphones, and eat fast food while dressed 'traditionally,' but the Amish do not, or at least aren't supposed to. I know many live in electrically supplied homes - Guess not enough to furnish an electric razor.