Saturday, November 28, 2009

Glendale Glitters 2009

Last night was wonderful at Glendale Glitters. Ran into some great people... and some less than great people, but I didn't let the chilliness in their airs effect my night and still socialized with the better company around.

Before the night ended we stopped into an antique store where I picked up 9 thin paper volumes on sewing. It includes alterations, trims, cutting... general knowledge sewing teachings. Now that I actually grabbed them from the table I see that they are called; SIMPLIFIED SYSTEMS OF Sewing AND Styling by DORIS ANDERSON. They are from 1948 and I hope they help teach me so I can improve my sewing. Lesson 1 be patient. LOL Lesson 2 Don't be Lazy! Hah!

So it was a nice night with friends and a man I adore...

Unfortunately I showered and washed my hair earlier and didn't let it set long enough to thuroughly dry and it was a big fluff of a mess. Yay!

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