Thursday, November 5, 2009

LUSH of the Day

I started out by washing my face with Dark Angels. I took advantage of the little coal bits and scrubbed my face gently. I avoided my eyes and let it sit on my skin while I continued with the rest of my shower, hoping that it would work extra hard and suck the ickies out of my pores. Some people don't care for the black licorice smell it has. It smells very similar if not exactly like Coalface

I then used Chox Away to lather up my legs and used it to shave with. Chox Away is probably LUSH's creamiest soap and makes a wonderful shaving agent. The only thing that makes me have a closer shave is a new razor with Chox Away. Now when it comes to the smell of CA, I am not sure if I like it or not. It isn't bad, but something about it isn't great either. It reminds me a bit of how each of us have that certain food we just love even though we know it is the grossest thing ever. For me that food is Slim Jims*. There should be nothing good about those greasy tubes of mushy meatlike product, but it is and I love them. Thank goodness the scent of CA isn't like that of a Slim Jim! I'd take it's orange chocolate tangy scent anyday!

After I was done shaving, I lathered up with my favourite, Honey I Washed the Kids. I took my time making sure I didn't miss a spot!! What I like about this soap is that for the most part, it leaves a nice hint on your skin that it was once there. So Yummy!! I can't believe there are people out there who don't like this soap! I could go on and on about HIWtK, but I will move on.

Before I hoped out of the shower I washed the Dark Angels from my face. Towel dried myself then rewet my face and applied a paste of Aqua Marina and let it sit there for about 10 mins. AM was my first purchase at LUSH. It has been a staple ever since and probably my favourite of their skin care line. CoalFace, Brazened Honey, and now Dark Angels are also on my top list. Back to AM. I love the smell of it. Seaweed shouldn't smell so good but it does. This is another one of those products that when I see it I have to smell it -- whether or not I am using it. It has been really kind to my skin making blemishes disappear almost over night! I find it moisturizing without being heavy and it doesn't dry out my skin. Definately a keeper!

After I let Aqua Marina sit and dry I washed it off with a warm wash cloth and spritzed my face with Breath of Fresh Air. I have never really used a toner, ever, let a lone a LUSH toner, so I am not sure how well or not it is working. I don't think it is doing too bad and may even be helping reduce redness. This doesn't seem to be a miracle product that clears up skin and shrink pores the moment it is applied, but I have a feeling with constant use, I could really benefit from it's potion. So I think I will stick with this one and maybe pick up some other toners to try as well.

To finish up I used a bit of the sample of Celestial I recieved to moisturize my face. I am on the fence about this one. It isn't harming my skin in any way, like Gorgeous did, but it really doesn't seem to be helping. It is thicker than I care for in richness, but isn't greasy. It is hard to explain. It's almost as though it only soaks half way into my skin and then creating a new base layer with they rest. A bit like how primer works with makeup. I'll just keep sampling moisturizers until I find the right one for me. Sadly, LUSH may not be were I find the perfect moisturizer. Doobley sad is I haven't found it anywhere else I have tried either.

So know I am just sitting at the computer sniffing away at any little hint of my LUSH goodies I happen to catch!

To sum it up:

Dark Angels - facial cleanser
Chox Away - soap (I use specifically for shaving)
Honey I Washed the Kids - soap
Aqua Marina - facial cleanser used as a mask
Breath of Fresh Air - toner
Celestial - moisturizer

*I have replaced Slim Jims with the far superior Jack Links Madators... They are even yummier and don't give me the problems that Slim Jims do!


  1. I wasn't sure about BOFA at first, either... but I've found with continued use, my skin was less red and it helped to retain moisture and plump fine lines.

  2. If it works like that for me... I will be a devotee!!

  3. Olay Moisturisers are amazing. I suffer from very sensitive skin and I have never had a reaction from them.