Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lolita Haze Photography

Yes... I am what one claims to be a photographer. I have been out of it for sometime due to the move and lack of space. Since Perry and I have turned his carport into a temporary studio, I have been excited to shoot again, but unsure as I have been out for a while. I have owed my gal pal Dixie Martin a handful of shoots for a long time and got started on them today. It was fun and a fairly quick ordeal. I thought I would share the first photo from the shoot. This is probably my fav from the shoot and the reason why it was the first one I worked on. Here it is.


  1. come to portland and shoot me!!!

  2. Super cute. I love the colors, and the lighting is perfect. What do you mean claim to be a photographer, girl you are bad ass!

    ♥ Darla

  3. Absolutely Fab! Keep at it, you have a good idea! I get her personality from this shot and that's what makes it a good pic for me!

  4. Twila... I would love to shoot you! Hell, I'd love to be shot by Vorpel!

    Daral... Thanks so much! We were unsure about the red on red, but in the end we liked it. I say claim, because I never had formal training and know nothing about the camera... I just point and shoot! :)

    Honey Bee... Thank you! It was because of her personality shining through that makes this one my fav from the shoot. I adore it!

  5. This set turned out really nice Lo. Your skills have much to be reckoned with!