Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This past Friday Jenny and her hubby Louis had a Halloween party and boy was it swell! How funny when I walked in to find that Jenny dressed as ME for Halloween! Hahaha She even got the jelly shoes down! It was a fun night full of friends new and old. Even new friend Karen of Bobbins and Bombshells joined the party along with her beau (no photos of them sadly).

As you can see Perry and I went as a dead organ grinder and his rabid evil monkey. It was extremely fun to do a "couples" costume. Especially ones like these! He was such a sport!

I wish I had gotten any photos on my camera... I mean I brought it, but it never came out of my pocket. So now I am relying on the photos posted by others who were there. It would have been nice to get photos of Jenny's decorations as 75% of the Halloween decor was true vintage! She had some amazing decorations for sure!

It was so nice to be surrounded by friends. One's life can be quite lonely without them... especially on Halloween! I'd rather be surrounded by all these people that I love, than walking aimlessly around town looking for somewhere that I can be "seen".

Anyhow, I would LOVE to see your Halloween costumes!!! Please post a photo or two here in the comments!!

Happy Samhain!!


  1. I'm terrible at taking photos, too. I love your costume and also love that someone dressed as you. Haha.
    I can't post pictures from my flickr for some reason but you can see my costumes here if you would like to.
    -Andi x

  2. Your costumes were wonderful! I especially like the Elizabeth Short ones! Fantastic job and thanks for sharing!!

    Our costumes were quite fun for sure! And as Jenny said, I am now a Halloween icon as "I" am now a costume!

  3. I hope you had a fab "New Year" and I adore the Monkey theme, what a hoot!

    I was a little stilted! But I managed to make cover girl for the 3rd year running

    Am a bit heavier this year, so wasn't going to flash my legs etc!! hehehe xxx

  4. looking great you two! what fun! It's a weird feeling to see someone dressed up as "you," isn't it? I went to a party about 10 years ago and there I was - bobbed hair, black tank dress, and she'd even used a TON of rub on tattoos to recreate "me." crazy!

  5. What a great idea for a couples costume you guys had :) I agree, Hallowe'en is no fun without good friends.

    My beau was away for the whole weekend doing military training, so a couple's costume was a no go :( But, I had fun at a friend's gathering watching scary movies and such, so it was alright. I did scary vampiress makeup:

    Congrats on becoming an icon!

  6. You guys look great! What a clever idea!


  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your costume idea!

  8. Hubby and I:

    Your costume is amazing! Made me laugh so much!

  9. What a fab couple costume idea ! I always take a camera and end up with lots of photo's of others and none of me................

  10. The party was so much fun! It was a pleasure to meet you and Jenny and see her wonderful house! Sadly my camera stayed in my purse the whole time. Don't know why I get so shy...anyway thanks for posting these. You all looked fab! xoxo

  11. Matilda... Congrats on getting cover girl! That is great! The witchy broom is perfect!

    Inky... It was a bit strange.. for a second I was like she looks like me, but who is she trying to be? Then she said she was me and we all had a good laugh over it! LOL A bit surreal.

    C-Dot... I am sorry you were without yor beau, but thankful for his military dedication. :) You look super cute! I love those lashes!

    Syd... Thanks! Xoxoxox it was a blast being able to do a couples costume that wasn't lame, slutty, or cliche'.

    Dizzy Dame... Thank you! I wanted something classical, but not cliche'... then I wanted it to be dead so that the spooks couldn't find us.

    Ms. Eel... That is great! Are you GaGa?? What is he? I don't get it? LOL Thanks. It was a cute idea... first I was going to be a pinup monkey and grinder, but he wanted to be dead so it turned into a dead grinder and rabid monkey.

    Jaede... I don't mind photos of others, but yeah it is a bummer when theer are none of yourself. I thought the costume turned out pretty well for a day of put together! I was sewing my ears earlier that day! LOL

    Karen... Why does that always happen? The camera stays put. :( That dress you got fit you wonderfully!

    Peggy... Thank you. I had so much fun that night!

  12. Of course you did! You were there!!