Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Date Night at the Orpheum

Due to some changes that will be happening soon here at Vintage Starlet, this blog entry will be short and include only 1 photo.

Last Saturday Perry, myself, Maria, Chip, Doc, Jodey, and for a short time, Dori met up at the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix to watch Blood and Sand, a 1922 Rudolph Valentino flick. I enjoyed the movie more than I expected and we all had a great time!


  1. That photo belongs in an old vintage album ;)

    I'm excited for the changes!

  2. I agree, this photo is just lovely!

  3. C-Dot... Thanks. :) I need to ask her for the real version... I ganked it from her online so the quality isn't the best. Hehehe unfortunately I don't think the changes will be all that good. Maybe. I just need to learn how to juggle. This will all make sense later. LOL

    Sirens Sexy... Thank you. It was a great and fun night!