Monday, November 30, 2009

6 monthiversary together


Today Perry and I spent our 6 monthiversary having a darling lunch together and snapping some photos. In a strange turn of events we got more better photos of him than of me! Hehehe, but that is ok, because I much perfer it that way. :)

How he ever put up with me for 6 months, I'll never know, but I look forward to 6 more months!


  1. Congratulations, you two look lovely together x

  2. Wherever that is, it's a lovely setting for both of you. Congratulations! I raise a glass for another 6 months for you!

  3. You two are lovely together <3

    Congratulations! :)

  4. Stefanie... Aww Thanks!

    Miss Matilda... Thanks, Doll!

    C-Dot... Thank you. :) It was a beautiful day.

    Inky... Hehehehe Thanks. He's the cutie-pie. I am not so much! Hah!

    Amanda... Thank you so much!

    Red... It's the Farm. We're going back for sure! A bit pricey, but delish! Thank you. I hope he can put up with me for another 6.

  5. I know, sickening right? When did I turn into THAT girl?

  6. aww! my man and I will be celebrating our one year together soon! its crazy how time goes.

  7. DD... Yay! Happy days to you two! I hope we last a year... I am kind of a pain in the ass!

    Andi... Thank you! I am surprised he has put up with me this long!