Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And the winner is...

My apologizes for the delay in announcing the winner. I got caught up in a last minute move to a new apartment.

Without further ado...

The winner of the platinum snood from Arthelia's Attic is Curvy Kitty!!! 


Thank you to those that entered!

Please contact Naomi at Arthelia's Attic!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CLOSED! See who the winner is below! Arthelia's Attic Snood GIVEAWAY!!!

And the winner is...
Curvy Kitty!

If you have envied the quality and beauty of Arthelia's Attic Snoods or if you already own your own and just can't get enough, here is a great giveaway to have a handmade Arthelia's Attic Snood of your own!!

Naomi Chambers, proprietress and knitting machine, has graciously offered up a platinum snood for me to give away to you!!

To enter you must follow BOTH my blog here AND Arthelia's Attic's Facebook page. Please comment below. This will get you 1 entry.

For additional entries you can follow us at the following (one extra entry per follow):
~Arthelia's Attic on Instagram
~Lolita Haze on Instagram
~Lolita Haze on Twitter
~Lolita Haze on Facebook

For even MORE chances to win, Share, Hashtag, Reblog, & Retweet the image below and link back to this blog posting! One extra entry per share! #WINARTHELIASSNOOD

I will announce the winner May 1st! So keep sharing!!

***Please remember you MUST follow this blog, Arthelia's Attic on Facebook and comment here FIRST before any additional entries will count!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lolita Haze with Ricardo Montalbum at the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival!

Late last year I was able to take part in the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival! From Thursday night to Saturday morning the audience gets to see not only the best in the Southwest, but the very best in the world!

The whole weekend was held inside the gorgeous showroom at The Gold Coast. I was quite delighted to be able to close the festivities Sunday afternoon when Brunchlesque sponsored the closing Brunch! However, I wanted to do a little something different... tired of the striptease, I wanted to remind the audience that the biggest part of Burlesque was NOT the striptease, but rather the COMEDY!!

That's right! I took my moment in the spotlight to entertain with my witty brain! After a moment of naughty poetry by Ricardo Montalbum, Ricardo introduced me to the stage for the final performance...

So am I as funny as I think I am???? Watch the video of Ricardo Montalbum and me and let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Amber Joy's Vintage Closet's 2015 Pinup Calendar

I am so excited to be part of this calendar! Local vintage shop owner, Amber Burkhart, wanted to bring together the Las Vegas pinups and create a calendar celebrating the vintage, pinup, and Burlesque! Yours truly somehow made the cut!

On December 20th, at 1 pm, head on down to Amber Joy's Vintage at 1225 S. Main St for the calendar release and signing party. Meet me and the other pinup pretties of the calendar! Calendars are only $15 and make a great gift!

Hugs, gifts, flowers, and jewelry for the pinups are completely optional! Hahahahaha Come say hello! I look forward to meeting everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Heidi's Regency Moves to Storenvy!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to give you a heads up that my vintage store, Heidi's Regency has moved to storenvy.com! This store will house both vintage from Heidi's Regency and official merchandise from Lolita Haze!

As a thank you for still reading my little ol blog, I am offering you a 20% discount on your purchases! Just use the code LHVS20 when you checkout! Head over to MY STORE now!

Right now I only have men's up, so now will be a great chance to get your sweetheart something for the holidays! I will be adding women again soon!

Thanks again for sticking around!!