Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Shoes

I have to thank my sweetie for these. He got them for me off eBay. The auction said 40's 50's, but I think they are definitely 50's. If anyone knows better please correct me. I am so excited to go swinging in these. While I can lindy pretty well in my Cole Haan's (as Jenny can atest to), I wouldn't mind a smaller heel. My Cole Haan's sport a 5 inch heel. Yes, I dance in that. So going down to a 3 1/2 heel will be a blessing for my doggies. I can't wait to wear them out. Possibly on the 25th, when I wear my new black dress!! Yay!


  1. I don't know, babe-they look pretty 40s to me...but they WILL look PERFECT with that dress!!! BTW-we got some new 40s dresses in the shop today..... :-)

  2. I have some brown shoes that I picked up in Chicago for $5 that have the same curious little stud details but are a little bit if a different style. They're great in length but a little snug in the width at the moment, I've been working on that ;)

  3. they are lovely and your man is delightful for buying them for you!!

    dancing in 5 inch heels - you are one craaaazy chick! I wear my little 2 inch wedgies or my saddle shoes!

  4. Ooh, they're gorgeous!
    I can't believe you dance in 5 inch heels - I couldn't even walk in them ;]
    -Andi x

  5. a man that buys a gal shoes is a keeper

  6. Red... Really? They look 40's to you? I'll have to do more research. Are they late 40's? I am more familiar with early than late.

    Ooh... Maybe I can have Perry bring me by after the walk tomorrow.

    Ms B... 5$ is a score!! Mine are a tad snug in width as well. I was afraid when I first went to put them on that they weren't going to fit. But my wide feet wedged in and I think once I put stockings on they will slide in. Have you tried to wear yours with stockings?

    Inky... He really is! He was such a grouch of an old man when I first knew him that I could never imagine the gem of a man that he really was! I think I got the better end of this dating deal! :-D I think the only flats I have are my beat up ripped and torn jellies and my chucks that don't slide, so it's heels for me! I don't own a pair under 3 inches either.

    Andi... Thank you. You can see the shoes I lindy in here...

    a*d*d... I agree whole heartedly! He is the only man I have dated that never asked to see the "real me"... out of "costume".

  7. I was thinking that these shoes look 40's to me also...


  8. they are gorgeous... and totally 1940s!

    also, would you like to hear my lecture about dancing in inappropriate (aka, high or not-quite-fitting) footwear? probably not... all i really need to say probably is that 10 years later my feet are permanently FUCKED. i hope you're switching out all these high shoes with more sensible ones.

  9. Those are late '40s, definitely post-war. They are sweet! Jealous :-)

  10. Brooksie... It looks like I was wrong. Most people seem to think 40's. I suppose the size of the peep/opentoe is what is throwing me off.

    Julie... Believe me, my back has been trying to tell me as well. I pay for it the next day for sure!

    Tayva... They are a nice little pair. Turns out they are a deep navy and not black!