Saturday, November 7, 2009

LUSH of the Evening

As reported earlier in this post, I wrote about what LUSH products I used in the morning. Well, it seemed only fair to talk about what I used at night also.

I hopped in the shower and washed my hair with normal shampoo, I then did a whole body wash, hair too, in Snow Fairy. I met Snow Fairy for the first time my last trip in and I was INSTANTLY HOOKED!! Sadly, being a seasonal scent, I will have to either stock up as soon as I can or take my chances and hope it goes on sale and hope there are Snow Fairies left to grab. Snow fairy is a strawberry candy smelling delight! As a shower gel it can be used on the face, body, and hair... and that is exactly what I did! I followed up with conditioner.

For a better clean on my face, I used Coalface,
one of my staples from LUSH. Having oily skin, the coal based soap helps attack the oilies. Some people find it too drying because of this. I think it is perfect so long as I have a good moisturizer as well. The grits of coal in coalface work as a soft exfoliator for me. I love it. How is it different than Dark Angels which I talked about in my previous LUSH post? The texture isn't as gritty and is a soap, where Dark Angels is more of a paste forming scrub. I think I would like to keep both of these on hand in my staple, using Coalface for mornings and every day use, and Dark Angels for night time and heavy duty cleansing. Yes, I know I did it backwards this time, but this is how I normally do it.

I patted my face dry and applied Brazened Honey
all over my face and neck. With the help of Tayva, BH was the first Fresh Face Mask I purchased and the one I always go back to. I try to pick one up when ever I am in the store and buy a second FFM to try out. Fresh Face Masks can only be purchased in store and not online. Because of this I can't link. Other than Aqua Marina I mentioned in the earlier post, BH has been the most healing to my skin. I see a magical difference overnight with this gooey goodness. Some people find it to harsh of a scrub when rinsing off. I think it is just right. I left it on for about an hour (5-20min usually is enough time) before I rinsed it off. It had hardened so when I rewet my face I took the opprotunity to use it as a scrub and exfoliated my face while I was "rinsing" it off. What a glow!

I finished up with a spritzing of Breath of Fresh Air and slathered on Celestial.

Now dear readers, I call it a night.

To sum it up:
Snow Fairy - body and hair wash
Coalface - facial soap
Brazened Honey - fresh face mask/scrub
Breath of Fresh Air - toner
Celestial - moisturizer


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Snow Fairy. It's too sweet and candy-like... yet I crave to smell it. I suppose I'm the same way with Rockstar.
    I do want a bottle.
    One thing I'm regretting is not getting a bigger bottle of Ghost.

    I NEED BRAZENED HONEY. I was just using it as a daily face scrub.

  2. I love Snow Fairy WAYYYYY more than Rockstar and I think Rockstar is delicious! Especially in that stack you got me.