Saturday, April 2, 2011


Made it safely to Kenosha. It is pretty dreary here at the moment, so nothing exciting to blog about just yet. Looking forward to discovering Kenosha all over again.

Take care and I will chat more soon!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to double post, Lolita. Our weather must be fairly depressing after leaving AZ! I'm west of Oshkosh about 30 miles out amongst the farmfields. lol And you're welcome to visit anytime! We'll have new lambs in another month or so.

    Let me me how Tip Top Atomic is. I haven't been there yet. We have a great vintage clothing store in Oshkosh, too, called AtomicKatz.

  2. great to hear, don't forget to send me your address plese :-)

  3. Make your own excitement I say ! Glad you made it safely xxx

  4. BoPeep... Oh I will have to visit soon to see the little lambies!! I'll let you know about TopTop. Not sure how soon we'll be getting up to Milwaukee though. I'm going to have to plan a stop at AtomicKatz on my way to visit you.

    Miss Matilda... Have I sent you the Kenosha address yet?

    Jaede... Looks like that is exacty what I am going to have to do! Thank you.