Friday, April 15, 2011

The accidental bob

Tonight I am off to see The Brew City Bombshells Burlesque perform and finally meet someone that I have known online for years.

Being that it is a "night on the town", I wanted to do something nice with my hair. As my beau just LOVES Veronica Lake (I'll forgive him for that) I wanted to try a Veronica Lake-esque style. My hair isn't quite as long as hers, but I thought a loose peek-a-boo might look nice. Being that I both dyed and washed my hair in the same evening (tonight) as I was to style my hair, my Veronica do turned into a Veronica don't. :( It looked ok enough as it was even without the sexy wave so I thought I'd throw a flower in a just go as is.

I had to take my dogs for a quick trip outside to potty (them, no me) and pinned my hair up and threw on a hoodie so my hair wouldn't be rained on and destroyed more than I had already done. When I got back in and took off the hoodie, I noticed I liked the faux bob I had going and that it reminded me of bobs that I've seen Dita sport, so this is my new do for the night. I cleaned it up a bit and re-pinned it and viola, my accidental faux bob for the night.


  1. I love it! You would look great with that hair length for 'real'

  2. Your hair really suits you like that! So pretty. I love accidental hair do's that turn out nice :)
    x Molly

  3. Ohh that is absolutely beautiful!
    It suits you really well!

    Hope you had a lovely evening!

    x. Lindsay

  4. Absolutely adorable! Very Marliyn-esque from the front. And I swear my hair always looks its best just before I go to bed. I whip out all the pins, blow through it with a brush and voila! it's looks better than when I fussed with all morning!

  5. Very cute! it's flattering on you :-)

  6. I adore it would look great with your new "Lolitas says" ;-)

  7. Miss Tami Lee... Hehehe I think if I ever cut it for real, my beau would - Pow! Straight to the moon! Hahahaha

    Living Vintage... Thank you! :D

    BvV... Thanks! It makes me wish that my hair would really look that way short. :-/

    Miss Tallulah Porkchop... Thank you! xoxoxox

    Molly... Thank you. I was quite happy with it. I wish my hair would actually look like that short. Unfortunately my hair would look like a scouring pad if I actually cut it. LOL

    Lindsay... Thank you, Hon! I had a great evening. I look forward to catching more shows (if not performing in them!)

    BoPeep... Thanks! Isn't that the truth! My hair always looks best when I have no where to go and no photo evidence!

    Kim Bombshell... Thank you. I wish my beau liked it. :( He doesn't much care for short do's. lol

    Miss Matilda... Thank you. I think I am going to need one super glamourous hairdo for Lolita Says!

  8. Melissa... Thank you! I love being able to change my do without cutting it. Now let's see if I can do it again! LOL