Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ok. I REALLY have to stop.

I really need to stop shopping! I picked up some goodies today and wanted to share. Nothing like what I got the other day, but nice enough. Have any of you made any sweet purchases lately?

This pin matches my earrings that I wore on Easter perfectly!

Carved tropical flower earrings.

Hula Girl earrings

Just a photo of all the jewels I picked up today. I only highlighted a few.

a small trivet for the stove.

Small juicer. I wanted a big one, but this was all I could find. Good enough for now.

A tub load of buttons! A good amount of celluloid goodies!

Speaks for itself.

Tins. Does anyone know anything about these? Date?

More metal zippers! Yay! And shoe laces.


  1. Okay, I thought I was the only one who got excited about 60 yr old zipper still in the package! lol Great score.

  2. I say I will stop shopping all the time. Then I see that one item I have been looking for forever and its such a good deal then I buy it.

  3. BoPeep... Hahaha No way! If they are the right price I go through them one by one and get ALL the metal ones in a bunch. Whether I need them or not... I will eventually need them.

    Living Vintage... I always say that too about fabric... I bough 2 more today. :-/

  4. These are great finds! Don't stop posting 'em! :)

    Is there any way you could do a higher-res closeup of that postcard? I would love to have that as a jpg, it's so cute!

  5. Can I say that I am terribly jealous of your carved tropical flower earrings?!!

  6. wherever... Hahah I don't want to stop posting, I want to stop shopping! My scanner is packed away still, but when I get it out I'll do just that!

    Lindsay... You can! :-D I am thinking I need to get some tropical print and make a delightful playsuit just for the earrings! :)

  7. I will have dreams about those hula girl earrings and I will look gooood in them, natch. They are fabulous, as are your other finds and your blog - am your newest follower for sure.

  8. DHHartman... Aren't they just the cutest!! I am hoping to wear them sometime, but they'll probably just sit. If I decide to sell them I will let you know! :) Thank you! I hope you enjoy your stay here at my blog. :) :) :)