Monday, April 25, 2011

Outfit of the day: Easter Sweetie

Actually this was my outfit yesterday. There used to be a time when I celebrated holidays (non-religiously). The last 10 years or so holidays come and go. Makes me sad really. I always plan on celebrating and really enjoying the holidays, but they just kinda sneak up too quickly and before I know it, they are over. It doesn't help much when my fella isn't much into holidays either.

So while I "dressed up" on Easter, it really wasn't for Easter. Actually I got pretty for my fella and to run to the grocery store. It's still a little chilly here in Kenosha for me (a PHX gal) so I am still donning my wools. This outfit is a bit out of my usual style, but I think it is still an acceptable look. I still prefer wartime and this is later, but I don't have much warm early 40's wear.
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50's Sweater: Purchase Hollywood Regency (Phx, AZ) - CLOSED :(
80's/90's Skirt: Thrifted Phx
Stockings: Purchase Magnolia Hosiery
50's/60's Girdle: Gift from Hollywood Regency (Phx, AZ) - CLOSED :(
50's bra: Purchase Hollywood Regency (Phx, AZ) - CLOSED :(
40's peep toe slingbacks in Navy: Etsy
Modern watch: Birthday gift
Carved rose earrings: Purchased from friend in Phx
Brown Ribbon: I hope that doesn't matter.

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  1. That ribbon had better be vintage, damnit! :)

    Cute outfit. You look ready for spring!

  2. I love it. You look perfect. Hollywood Regency closed ! I picked up some lovely thing there last year.

  3. LuckyDame... Hahaha Why do you think I didn't say anything! Oops!

    Lindsay... Thanks Pretty Lady!

    MM... Gracias!

    Jaede... Thank you. Yes, sadly the owner, Heidi passed away and the store went belly up-ish... There are new owners and they renamed the store and made it their own. Antique Sugar I believe. I never went in there. Next time you are in PHX check it out... They moved to the corner of 7th Ave and Indian School.