Wednesday, March 16, 2011

History Repeats Itself

Next week I will find myself back living in the city of my birth. Not but 5 mins from the house I grew up in and the same one my sister still lives in.

This week I find myself packing up all my belongs and enjoying the Arizona sun one last time -- at least for awhile. Mostly, I will be saying good-by to many friends I have come to love and cherish here in Phoenix and holding back the tears as I say I'll visit soon. As much as I am going to miss Phoenix and Arizona I am happy and excited for the change.

So where will I be ending up? Back in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Perry got a job back there and after 5 months of him gone, he has found a place for the both of us, so in a little over a week I will be snuggling up to the one I love in a new house under familiar skies.

Funny how fate works... I am from Kenosha, WI. I moved to Prescott, AZ with my Mom at 14 and then moved to Phoenix right after graduation with my ex-husband, then boyfriend. Through twist and turns and many a man in between, I discovered Burlesque and have been happiest ever since.

Perry, he is from Cicago, IL (not 45 mins from Kenosha). He is a photographer who photographed Chicago's Burlesque sweetheart, Michelle l'Amore when she first started to perform. A job moved him out to Phoenix, AZ about 5 years ago. It was at a Deke Dickerson Show he met another Burlesque performer. Perhaps you've heard of her... Miss Lolita Haze. New in town, Perry chatted up Miss Haze and they realized they both knew Michelle. The next day he emailed Haze, but she never emailed him back.

A few months later, up in Las Vegas both Perry and I found ourselves in Sin City for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Pageant. It's a weekend event filled with fun things to do. One thing was a photo shoot about town. I thought that was the guy whom I had met a few months earlier, but was embarrassed that I still hadn't emailed him back so I never approached him. He was busy snapping away at hot chicks so he paid me no mind - Not that I blame him... The girls of Sweet Soul Burlesque are super hot!! That was the end of that.

Now we fast forward about 2 years. A former friend of mine was raving about this new band in town that I had to go see. For one reason or another I never went. I FINALLY was able to make it to one of the shows and was introduced to the band. The drummer (who apparently called dibs on me when I walked in) was hard to talk to. It was like pulling teeth for conversation even though he came up to me. Weird... any way... we're talking and talking and discover that he knows Michelle l'Amore. "Wait a minute!" I shouted!! "I've met you before! I owe you an email!" I continued to say... Yes! It was AGAIN Perry.

Well, the next 6 months or so we'd cross paths here and there. Trying to have a conversation with this guy was hard! There was no reason for him not to like me. I was determined to make him talk to me, but everytime I'd talk, he'd turn around and walk away. Well screw it. I didn't like him anyway! Turns out he kinda thought I was a bitch. Hahaha. He still liked me, but thought I was a bitch. Quite honestly, I am.

So one random day we ran into each other and started hanging out. Next thing you know we are dating and here we are almost 2 years later moving back to Kenosha to start the next chapter in our lives. Right where my life began.

Who knows how long we'll be out there... but I know I'd like to come back to Arizona and visit often. As much as I have always wanted to leave AZ, it's provided me with many good things - I've met 2 of my 3 best friends in Phoenix. The 3rd I met in Las Vegas while living in Phx, does that count? I met my beau in Phx. Some amazing friends who despite some downs have always been there and amazing folk that I am not worthy of. But most importantly Arizona brought me my 3 greatest loves and greatest joys... Burlesque, Bonzai, and Samurai. If it weren't for those 3, my life would be meaningless. They are the world to me!

But back to the beginning and what this blog post is really about. I am looking forward to rediscovering a city I really knew nothing about when I left. Visiting old places I used to go to and seeing places I never knew existed. Most importantly I am jazzed to bring Burlesque to a sleepy little town that could use the cold water shock. And who knows, perhaps I will be making a blog entry from jail for indecent exposure while performing my art. :) It wouldn't be the first time a Burlesque stripper has found herself behind bars! I'm thrilled to spend more time with my sister now that I am not fighting with her like I did growing up. I am happy to spend time with my beautiful cousin after nearly 5 years since we last saw each other. I can't wait to see my brother again whom I haven't seen in many many years. There is a lot more as well that I am happy about, but we'll just stop there.

So if you are a Wisconsin peep or know a Wis peep. Let me know! Let's meet up!

Good-by ARZ. Hello WIS


  1. Good luck, hope it all goes well for you in your new home and you'll be very very happy!

  2. safe journeys!! Isn't it funny how life circles back as we move forward? I loved reading the story of how many times you and Perry's paths crossed before you got together :). Look out, Kenosha...the goddess is coming back!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. Knock 'em dead in Wisconsin!

  4. This is so funny because thats how I met my boyfriend. I met him at a show and the next time I saw him it he was impossible to talk to. I would try chatting with him all weekend but he just didnt seem to like me. Then he kissed me. Turns out he had gotten a bad first impression of me (I was drunk) and thought I was a bitch. We've been together now for 2 years.

    Good luck to you in Kenosha! Hopefully you will continue blogging there!

  5. Good luck on your move!!!! Safe travels!

  6. Lo~ I am so sad to hear you are leaving! We just barely got to hang out! Wish we could have spent some more time, but I am glad we got to at least meet in person and please keep in touch over cyber-space. I hope to catch up soon, the next time you come to town! I wish you the best of luck, love and happiness in all your endeavors!


  7. Miss Lolita says, Absolutely adored reading your words, right from your heart, thanks for sharing xxx Bon Voyage xxxx

  8. Good luck with your move, I'm sad that now you are further away from Vegas. I have a friend from Kenosha who now lives in Vegas. I hope you and Perry will be very happy, especially with those long snowy winters up there. Lots of time for snuggling ! And how lovely to be near your family again. Hugs
    Jaede xxx

  9. Garofit... Yay! Thank you!! I hope so too. I can't wait to share it all with you too!!

    BVV... Thanks so much. I am a bit charmed that I am returning to Kenosha even though it isn't my first choice of places to move to. I laugh about how many times we've come together. I have another fun ditty of a story about the two of us... perhaps that will wait for another entry. :)

    Bitty Boss... Thank you! Wisconsin is going to hold on tight when it's daughter comes back home! Hahaha

    Temperamental Broad... Hahaha How funny! It will be 2 years in May for the two of us so it looks like we are cosmic love twins! Thank you and no worries! I will definitely be blogging!

    LuckyDame... Thank you! I can't wait to start blogging about my new adventures in Wisconsin!

    Syd... I know! I do have a feeling we'll be back in a few years however. :) Thank you for your well wishes!

    Matilda... Hehehe Yay! Luckily in this day and age it's almost as though I won't be moving! I can still keep daily contacy with everyone and that makes me happy!

    Jaede... Thank you. I am glad I was actually able to meet you in person! I am sure I'll find myself back in Vegas and when I do I will let you know!

  10. So totally sad, we moved from Illinois to Rockford 2 years ago, would have loved to have had lunch with you! Maybe if I'm ever back for a visit?

  11. Holy Smokes! Can't believe you're from and moving back to MY state! I live a couple hours north of Kenosha. There are burlesque happenings in Madison though I cannot vouch for the quality. I'm the car show circuit so maybe we'll bump into each other! Welcome back!

  12. TheRetroHousewife... Please let me know if you are ever back in the area! I would love to meet another blogger!!

    Bo Peep... Thanks for the welcome! Where are you if you don't mind me asking?? Ii have been terribly jealous of your farm and would love to visit in if I may! I have been checking high and low for any vintage community here in Kenosha, but nothing. Please keep me updated on the car show scene!!

  13. I am in Minnesota but have some good friends in Milwaukee the Dutchers Jim and Lisa own a shop in Milwaukee called Tip Top Atomic Shop I highly recommend you visit it and chat with them.

  14. Living Vintage...How funny! My boyfriend was just telling me about that shop yesterday! I think he was saying that they are friends of his as well! That is definiately a stop on my list!

  15. Kenosha?

    We're in Cedarburg, WI.

    I followed you here from A Lucky Dame.

    I will wish you well....the winters, Oh, the winters.

    I will wish you well!