Sunday, April 24, 2011

My first... pt 2

Yesterday I made my way to an antique store which I found many delightful treats! One of my purchases was a first for me... My very first Bakelite! What? gasp! huh? How can a vintage gal such as I not already have Bakelite?? To tell you the truth, unless it is sparkly, I don't much care for jewelry. Plus Bakelite is hella expensive. However, the Bakelite earrings were for the right price so I did it, Lolita just got her first Bakelite!

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WARNING!! From this point down, it is not a PETA friendly post. So if you are an activist or extremest keep your spouts to yourself. I post for myself and for those who can appreciate finer vintage goods. My blog is not your soapbox. I moderate my comments, so if you even hint at a "discussion" I will delete your comment. So there.


Just for the record, vintage fur doesn't bother me, but I don't really support modern furriers. With that said, I also believe in donating old furs you don't want, need, or use to animal shelters that could use them. So if you don't like em, buy what you find and donate them to shelters.

Not only did I find a great pair of earrings, but my super happy purchase was a second for me. My second seal fur. This time it was a full length coat from 1942. It's dated 1942 and owned by Mrs. Aurthur Pieper of Racine, Wis. The carved buttons are gorgeous. I am not sure if the buttons are Bakelite because I only know how to do the smell test and all I smell is fur. This coat is warm and HEAVY! Too bad that the weather is starting to warm up, but come next winter... It does have some condition issues, but being that it only coat $45 I couldn't say no.  I thought I was reading the tag wrong!

Not only did I find an amazing coat, but I also found myself buying an ivory bracelet and an ivory necklace. The beads are carved into little elephants. And the bracelet is what really caught my eye. Once again I don't really do jewelry, but these I liked. Being that I don't do jewelry, I don't know when these were made... are they 20's? Are they 70's? I don't know, but I like them and think they have a classic look. But what do I know?

Now that my naughty purchases have been shared, I do have some other nice ones. I picked up this little swan pin. I thought it was celluloid at first, but now I am not too sure. It was only $3 so no biggie, but it seems a bit heavier and thicker than what I normally see with celluloid.

I also snatched up this cigar box for a couple of dollars. I thought the lady on the lid was pretty. I plan on storing my stockings in there. I need to take better care of my stockings. I usually trash them with carelessness after the first wear. So this is a bit of a motivator to put them away and put them away nicely.

Last but not least... I picked up this 30's taffeta party dress. The sleeves are intense! The dress is so close to fitting I am going to keep it for awhile and hope that with my new diet and exercise regimen that I will be able to keep this darling as my own. If once I get in shape and it still doesn't fit... I may have to put it up for sale. There are some condition issues, but that is mostly with staining at the bottom. I am going to do some research on taffeta and see if I can't clean it up nicely. It was very cheap to once again, I couldn't say no! Hell... I would have gotten it for the sleeves alone! I love HUGE PUFFY SLEEVES!

I can't wait to start scouring more antique store in the area... I hope to find more gems like this one!


  1. "Just for the record, vintage fur doesn't bother me, but I don't really support modern furriers."

    That is so weird you posted now because a friend and I just had this exact conversation about that last night

  2. wow, that pink taffeta is a stunner! I'd say avoid getting water spots on it at all costs. I have learned the hard way that such fabrics stain like crazy. Maybe attempt drycleaning? It's such a gorgeous colour on you!

  3. I love it when you post your antique finds! Makes me want to go antiquing.

    I'm curious, what do animal shelters do with the fur?

    Love the dress! Why did you cover up your face? Just don't like the expression in the pic?

    I must not have been paying attention because I only noticed in the last couple of posts that you moved to Kenosha. That sounds like a very retro town.:)

  4. Hello friend, it has been a while. Those are some fabulous finds there. Wow, I would love to have a seal coat! I hope things have been very good for you since your move.

  5. That pink dress is amazing.

    I'll pretend the fur is fake and tell you how stunning that is, too!

  6. Betty2tone... I used to be an anti-all fur and vegetarian at one time too... Now I am too old and snarky to care. LOL

    BvV... Oh no! I was afraid of that. I think the stains are water/wine/drink stains. The bottom is pretty roughed up in the staining too. I'll see if the dry cleaners will have a better idea. Thanks for the warning... sorry you had to find out the hard way. :( Thank you. I think even if it was an ugly color on me I'd still wear it for the sleeves alone!!

    Wherever... Good! Go out there and save our history!! :)

    I am assuming the shelters use the furs as bedding and blankets for the animals. Shelters are ALWAYS low on supplies like that. People are just too irresponsible with their pets. I can't even think about it because it breaks my heart.

    I covered my face because it was ugly! 2x chins galore! Yeeeeuuuuccckkkk!

    I only got to Kenosha about a month ago, so you haven't really missed anything. :) I wish it was more retro... it's kinda trashy. :(

    Brooksie... Well hello, friend! It has been a while! Things have been pretty good so far. Thank you. I am surprised how common for being not common they are. :)

    lovely pinup... I really hope it fits in a couple of months! I just adore that dress! Hehehe that's the attitude I like to hear! ;-D

  7. Nice fur! I have a vintage seal too and it's so heavy. Living in SoCal doesn't really give me a chance to wear it. Sad.

  8. I've got a late-50s wool coat trimmed in white mink scallops at the bottom hem.. I've felt weird wearing it out a few time (I too am a former veggie) but I ultimately believe that the coat (and mink) have already paid their debts and the garment should be worn and loved and respected for the piece of history that it is! Awesome finds all around!

  9. Ahh, yeah, bedding, that makes sense.

    I'm sure you were still beautiful. We are our own worst critics. :)

    Why did you move to Kenosha?

    Phoenix will miss you! I hope you come back and do shows again here from time to time.

  10. Lucky Dame... I can imagine!! I was able to wear my shorter caplet seal a few nights this winter, but I doubt I could have ever worn the full, had I had it then.

    xyLOLs... I feel the same. It would be a waste to no longer appreciate it, both for the beauty of the fur and the history. Just because people don't like it and want to stop it, doesn't mean it never happened. I say for those opposed to fur, keep trying to stop it, but once it's done it's done and most of it was done 50+ years ago!

    wherever... My Beau got a job out here. Oh! You're from Phx? Have we met?