Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first...

My very first Burlesque performance was in 2002 at the Miss Exotic World Pageant (now the Burlesque Hall of Fame). The pageant was so much different then. Held in the middle of the desert in Helendale, CA you found many fighting the extreme heat, dust, wind and dehydration. Far from "glamorous". However, I wouldn't change those days for anything. I met some of the greatest people in Burlesque there and to this day feel a bit of kin-ship with them.

I got to thinking of my first performance. Oh how terrible it was! I am such a mess and only hope that a video copy doesn't exist. How horribly embarrassing that would be if it popped up somewhere. One of the songs I performed to, I no longer use, but find myself singing it from time to time. It's called You Turned the Tables on Me. Performed by Benny Goodman & His Orchestra and sung by Hellen Ward, this song always makes me laugh when I think about the Burlesque Mess I was and smile at the friends I made from that time.

While listening to the song, you may have different memories flood your mind, but I hope that they are just as enjoyable for you as mine are to me.

Now share one of your "firsts". :)

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