Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sewing Patterns

I recieved 2 sewing patterns today from a friend of mine. The first and most important is a men's shirt pattern. I am going to try to make a shirt for Perry out of it! So I need to get a lot of muslin because there are a few things I want to make for him! I'll start with this pattern though. The excitement of making him a shirt, however, posessed me to purchase 2 more men's shirt patters online, one being a western shirt. I don't know why, but that guy likes western shirts.

The second pattern is a pajama pattern. Althought it is meant for sleepwear, I am assuming I can turn it into work clothes if I make it out of heavy twill or something of the like. I have seen 2 piece yardwork clothes for the ladies in catalogs so, I am hoping with a slight bit of altering with an added halter top of sorts, I can make a nice dirty work outfit for this upcoming spring.

If you are all wondering what happened to my first sewing project from this post, let me update you. The pattern size was way smaller than expected. I am guessing it is a 12. I am an 16 18. So until I slim myself down like my sister Ginger, that project has been shelved.

I am however in the middle of another sewing project. I should make a seperate post about that one even though I have started. I got held up with the collar and must wait for the next sewing date to figure it out -- thanks to me thinking interfacing and facing were the same thing. Oy! It will be a great time to take photos too! Yay!


  1. You can re-size patterns EASILY! I find it easier to size UP than to size down. I also wear a vintage 18 and this is how I size mine up and they always fit perfectly:

    12 = add 3/4 of an inch to bodice sides, sleeve, and sides of skirt pieces.

    14 = add 1/2 to the same areas

    16 = add 1/4 inch to the same areas.

    I just sized up a 16 using this method and it fits like a charm!

    I have problems sizing DOWN, though. I just can't get the hang of it and my work always comes out sloppily and I don't like it. Luckily, 18 is one of the "bigger" sizes of the day and most pattern are smaller than larger :)

  2. I like your idea of adapting the pjs into work clothes, it would look really cute.
    I can't get over you being a size 18, you look tiny! x

  3. Learn to alter the patterns, it's easy. Ask Jenny to look at that Better Homes book that she has.
    If my dumbass can do it, your dumbass can do it, too.

  4. remind me in Feb and I'll let you copy over a couple of my '40s halter tops if you want 'em.

  5. Amy Jeanne... How I wish I knew this before! Sadly I had cut out the skirt and sewed it together before I realized that the skirt was a 10/12. No extra material, so it looks like I will have to shrink. :)

    Stefanie... I am ssuming that the pajamas will work as work clothes so long as the fabric is heavier and more durable. Oh size 18... that is vintage size... quite equal to an 8/10 modern.

    Tayva... I had already sewn it together before I realized it was too small. :(

    Kitty... Of course!! Remind me and I will bring some for you to copy.

  6. You've been awarded a blog award!