Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Sew What?" Edition 1 Chapter 1

I get these ideas in my head that I can do these miraculous things. For example, I see a dress or a sewing pattern I don't have and think that I can make it by combining various patterns and then figuring out how to alter any section that I don't have a similarf pattern to. I really think I can do this stuff to! Truth is, I can't. While I have basic sewing "skills" I lack any real technique and understanding of the construction of apparel. Do I care, hell no! That is why I sew for me and no one else.

"Hollywood 1406" - 1937

I am going to attempt to make a version of this dress using salmon colored cotton linen and 3 different patterns. The linen is light and airy enough for the Phx climate yet heavy enough to add a little warmth during this upcoming fall. I also enjoy the color of this material and think it is a interseasonal choice. The pink is perfect for the gayer spring and summer months, but it isn't so bright that it looks out of place when the ocean of colors flowing through the streets is muted, earthy and neutral.

When it comes to the patterns I have on hand, no piece will match the original design exactly. The skirt pattern* that I have choosen to use has different stitching than that of the original skirt. I just wanted to mention that the skirt pattern I an using is a fantastic 30's pattern on loan to me from the very talented Jenny Kuller. I still have to make a copy of the whole pattern, but it is still unharmed by the boys! :)

Now, when it comes to the blouse of the dress, I plan on using main part of the tan shirt and the sleeves of the green shirt with slight changes. I won't use the decorative stitches along the button facing on the first and I will replace the bows with buttons on the second. I want to try to get it as close to the original as I possibly can.

Speaking of the buttons. I haven't picked any out yet. As much as I would like to use vintage ones, it is difficult for me to find 6 matching ones, in the same size, that coordinate with the material, and are affordable. After writing this out, I thik I might try to look on ebay and etsy to see if there may be some workable buttons out there. If not, I will pick up some new cheap ones. I don't know what coordinating color I would like to use though. Something muted so that the dress can still be interseasonal.

I think tonight I will get started on at least cutting out the pieces. Perhaps tomorrow I will start sewing parts together. Cross your fingers that this dress will turn out half way decently so that I can wear it with pride! Yay!

I will return with "Sew What?" Edition 1 Chapter 2 soon!


  1. Good Luck! Can't wait to see the finished product! I also just have very basic sewing skills and am in no way shape or form an expert. I often get frustrated with what I start on and put it aside. Especially if it is a really complicated piece. I am trying to get better at not doing that .and working through the frustrations to better the skill.


  2. Hahaha That is the EXACT reason why I have about 23746234523 unfinished sewing projects on the shelves! :-D

    I really want to get this one done... my man likes me in dresses and I am sick of the same old ones I have, so... this will be nice to have.

  3. Good luck with the project - I also can't wait to see the finished product.
    I started to learn how to sew (starting with aprons) and then gave up and left my mum to finish everything off for me. Haha. I think I might start again, though, because sewing's a nice thing to do in the warmer weather.
    -Andi x

  4. Come over sometime and I would love to help you with this! (It would be a good learning experience for me as well, and I can help you with that dreaded collar.) At least, we can muddle through it together. You can even sit on my workroom floor and sew away! I might even have some buttons you can use. Is the original dress a two-piece? I can't find the closure.

  5. smashing hunny, can't wait to see it x

  6. It's too bad I live 1 million miles away. I could teach you how to draft your own patterns from scratch, and you could make whatever you want, with a little less guess work!

  7. Andi... You know, if you can just focus on the sewing part and not the final project part, sewing becomes enjoyable. But I have to admit... I wouldn't mind having my Mom finish things off for me... Then they would get done! Hah!

    Red... Thank you. What are your days off without the children? It would be nice to have a you and me day... just us two. Maybe we can send Louis and Perry off to do manly things or something.

    MissMatilda... I can only hope the final dress is as wonderful as your dresses!! I don't think it will be, but I can hope!

    IKKVT... Ugh! Yes! Why do youi live so far away!! You are exactly what I need!

  8. ah so pretty! I love you in pink tones!

  9. Hi!
    Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award :)

  10. Thanks so much, Weenie Elise!! That was sweet!