Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 I don't and 5 I do.

Inspired by this post by Amy Jeanne, I thought I too would give my top 5 and my less than favourable 5.

Less than favourable 5
Betty Grable

I don't know what it is about her. I just never got her sex appeal. Granted her very very young photos she is gorgeous, but the 40's-50's Betty that most are familiar with - I just don't think is pretty.
*I used to date a guy that LOVED Betty Grable. We used to debate over who had better legs, her or Ginger*

Audrey Hepburn

Here is another beloved actress that I never "got". Though I'd kill to have her figure, I just didn't get why she was so popular.

Joan Crawford
(don't kill me Amy Jeanne)

Though I enjoyed her performance in The Women. I just could not and cannot like her. She was always a harsh personality that I just couldn't connect with.

Claudette Colbert

She looks like a pug to me. Quite frankly she is a bit tubby for me too. Quit your fatty hating comments. I don't care if you are fat or chubby, I am more attracted to slim figures. I never saw anything in her that I could like.

Veronica Lake

She rather bores me. I find her expressions lacking a persoanlity. She is just dull to me.

Now the 5 I LOVE!

Jean Harlow

Whiney, blonde, gold digging, and slutty. Am I decribing me or Jean? She was beautiful and fun. Enough said.

Ginger Rogers

She's spunky and cute. Although she is a bit more annoying when playing a brat than Jean, I still find her superb.

Barbara Stanwyck

I confess. I didn't like this lady at all. I found her atrocious in Lady of Burlesque and that pretty much left a sour taste in my mouth. Years later I watched Double Indeminity and Ball of Fire. She won me over. Perhaps I should give Lady of Burlesque another try.

Rita Hayworth

She's pretty and fun. Really do you need more to love her?

Esther Williams

I have never seen one of her movies, but damn is she gorgeous!!

Other Nays:
Bette Davis
Sophia Loren
Alice Faye
Vivien Leigh

Other Yays:
Paulette Goddard
Norma Shearer
Priscilla Lane
Judy Garland
Mae West


  1. I agree with most of your nays and yays, apart from Betty, i absolutely adore her!
    Someone else i love is Lauren Bacall, her and Humphrey together mmmm!

  2. I must say I am surprised you don't like Grable, given that she was such a popular blonde and wartime pin up. But you are rather a surprising girl! :)

  3. I totally agree with you on the Audrey Hepburn thing. I never understood why people loved her so much. She's kind of a bore to me.

  4. I am not a huge Vivien Leigh or Sophia Loren fan.
    I do love Paulette Goddard!

  5. Hoorah! I thought I was alone in my dislike of Audrey Hepburn. She always left me cold.
    You should try & get a hold of Esther Williams autobiography, it's a great read, what a life!

  6. I like this post!

    I'll have to post my five favs and nays too!

    I use to feel the same way about audrey hepburn until I saw Sabrina.. she won me over.

  7. Love your yays. I love them all - especially Rita. Agree with most of your nays exccept Betty Grable and Alice Faye. Betty was a sweetheart and I adore Alice on the radio show she did with her hubby Phil Harris. Fantastic! Film did not do her talent justice.

  8. I adore every single one of these actresses, so it was interesting to see your likes and dislikes. Though I like Audrey Hepburn, I don't understand the frenzy around her either. Sometimes I think people have just gotten in the habit of gushing about her.

  9. bah, I cant stand audrey .... she is so bland and I dont like watching her movies. And the picture you posted of her is one of the worst!

  10. Esther Williams is my favourite! She did all her own stunts and some of her swimming scenes are spectacular.

  11. i agree with nearly all of those except AUDREY HEPBURN! she was such fun in all her movies, and a complete stunner, not to mention all her charity work! I actually think Audrey was the perfect women,i know she has become a bit of a cliche now but i still idolise her!

  12. That's the whole reason the studios had such large harems of actresses, surely.

    The marketing machine knew that, as in life, they needed many different "types" to please all.

    A true icon stands the test of time.
    My tastes change over the years,I don't admire the same people I did when I was 17, so wouldn't be prepared to say who I like, dislike, don't rate etc etc, I'll never be able to watch all the movies to make an informed choice anyway!

    Enjoyed the post, food for thought :-)

  13. Grable -- meh. Don't think she's pretty and don't understand what they hype was about.

    Claudette = I agree! People say she's the most "beautiful" actress of the 30s, but I just see a head that's wider than it is long.

    Rita = sorry, but I never liked her :/ She has "jowels" and they ruin any woman's face :(

  14. ha ha you and i have almost exactly the OPPOSITE taste!
    My all time fave is claudette colbert, is probably only a modern size 4.

  15. haha, i LOVE betty grable! not an audrey fan, though.

  16. Veronica Lake reminds me of a plank of wood.

  17. Stefanie Valentine... Betty just bugs me. I couldn't get into her. I too like Lauren Bacall, but when it comes to Bogey -- I can't get it out of my head that he was known for his bad breath. LOL

    Anonymous... Wow is right!

    C-Dot... I never liked her chubby face. I too have a chubby face and never liked it so maybe I don't like Betty because of that -- Hahaha but she bored me. I like spunk and sluttiness in my women! Betty is a little too Pollyanna.

    Pink Champagne... Yeah, Audrey, Veronica, and Betty all bore me.

    Lesley Ann... Paulette is just a cutie! She is one of those gals that you want to be friends with.

    Lila... Audrey and Veronica always came across as boring to me. Audrey and her shyness and Veronica and her lack of personality exhaust me.

    Dizzy Dame... Perhaps one day I will like Audrey - Norma Shearer, Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Stanwyck and even my beloved Ginger Rogers were all once in my dislikes list.

    Amanda... Alice's voice just puts me off. I suppose it is because I expected something softer and out came this man voice! I like husky voices too -- Lauren Bacall - Kathleen Turner. Great voices, but Alice's put me off. As for Betty - I just don't see her sex appeal.

    KC... Yeah, I think people rally around her because she is so soft and delicate... She has an innocent feminity about her that people want. That would be my guess.

    Twila... She is a little too soft and bland for me. I much perfer my women loud and obnoxious!

    Punk... Everytime I see a photo of her, I am blow away by how pretty she is. It is like a surprise each time!

    Pin Curl Girl... Oh! From what I hear about Auddrey, she was a lovely woman. I should have mentioned in my caption about her that my opinion on her was as an entertainer, not as a person. She was a wonderful humanitarian and I don't think she is ugly by any means, I'm just not attracted to her.

    Anonymous... Very well put. :-D Just looking at the replies everyone's tastes are different -- from slightly to complete opposite!

    Amy Jeanne... Yeah I never got why she was America's favourite pinup. Or why her legs were her million dollar babies. Personally I think Rita's and Ginger's dancer legs were much nicer. As for Claudette... Her eyes are too far apart I think. They probably look even farther apart because mine are so close together! Hahaha. Rita is beautiful and you are a butthead. LOL

    xtina... Haha I knew someone out there would be the exact opposite of me. That is what I love... I love how everyone is different. I don't doubt Mrs Colbert was a petite woman, I just think she carried her weight a bit heavily. I think her but is big... for her size/frame.

    Julie... I just couldn't get into Betty. I never thought she was pretty. A little too chubby cheeked for me.

  18. Tayva... Yeah, she is a plank o wood.

  19. Thank goodness you didn't include Gene Tierney in your "nays" I would have said you had lost your mind!

    Gene Tierney is a goddess!

  20. Yeah, Tierney and Loy, two broads that are perfect.

  21. I ADORE Barbara Stanwyck! Please tell me you've seen 'The Lady Eve'... she's amazing in it! :)

  22. Diana... I haven't seen that one yet! I will see if my guy will rent it for us. He too loves Stanwyck!

  23. i agree with most of your choices here. rita hayworth....GROOOWWWWLLL! hubba hubba! :)

  24. I think you need to see all of their movies before you way in about each actress. It's like listening to a first grader ramble on about the financial crisis. Let's talk in ten years when you've actually know something about cinema history. That is if you ever get over the crush you have on yourself.

  25. Anonymous... You make so many good points in your comment. It was silly of me to think that I could have my own opinions on something as trivial as dead movie stars. Perhaps if you had read further along in my postings you will see that I am opened to changing my mind on these actresses the more I become familiar with their work. Now please tell me how you are able to have the privilege of forming an opinion on me (having a crush on myself) yet I can't have an opinion on these actresses. Perhaps I do sound like a 1st grader, but I would rather sound like someone that has room to grow in knowledge than to sound like you who is a pure hypocrite. Judging me based on one's silly opinion, yet you do the exact same to me. Oh and hiding behind anonymity, that just drives your point even more.