Monday, December 28, 2009

Hair Chronicles - Unknown set

Part 1:

So here I go experimenting again. Tonight I have set my hair using hair combs, pincurls, and perm rods. I randomly set each in its place, but not quite blindly. While I don't know exactly how the sections will turn out, I placed each in it's place to achieve a particular effect. Will it work out... I am not sure. I spritzed water on my hair to dampen it and then ran a combo of pomade and shine serum. Will this help or hinder the after effect? I don't know, but we'll find out. Here is the set...

Part 2:
Well... it's the next day. My hair was still a bit damp when I woke up so I sat under the hair dryer for about an hour and then did my errands before I took it out. Here are some photos from the morning after sleeping on it. I did wear a scarf to bed over my set. Also some photos from the process of taking out the various parts of the set.

Part 3:
Well... my set was pure failure. I tried to brush something decent out but it just didn't happen. I think too much shine sheen is too blame. It just greased up and weighed down my hair. I like the wave in front though. I'll have to practice some more to really get a good wave built! So here is my hair for the evening. It's isn't at all what I wanted, but it will have to do. I don't have the time to rewash, dry, set, and style my hair. :(

We are having company over tonight to listen to old 78's... well they are. I'll probably be in la la land as music doesn't move me enough to just have a listening party.


  1. I think it looks cute but what do I know? ;)

    P.S. - Are you nekkid in those first pics?

  2. I like your hairstyle, I don't think your set was a failure at all! It looks very 1940's.

  3. Pink... Hahaha you know I am nekked! Thank you.

    Brooksie... Thanks! I suppose I mean it is a failure because the pincurls didn't do anything and then because I had too much product in my hair my curls are blech. It isn't too terrible of a final style, but I was hoping for something a bit better.

  4. LMAO... Those "face for radio" hearts crack me up!
    I think you look lovely all the time. And I like that little lacy number in the 4th pic!

    I've been longing to try a wave in my hair like yours, and now I definitely can. Thanks :)

  5. I love the hair sets and seeing what comes out! I should try it, but am a bit shy.

    I think it looks pretty good...I especially LOVE the wave...gonna try that as well!

    I have a question since your are like a hairstyling goddess :) How would you go about getting Dita Von Teese's waves (

    Thanks, and as always, I hope to see more hair chronicles :)

  6. Blondie, you crack me up, what a fun post!

    I love the way you get your waves very much.

    Thanks for sharing. xx

  7. I have a burning question that consumes my soul!! When you use your perm rods for sets, do you use end papers as well? I can never get my ends to do anything but look crooked. I think you look beautiful no matter what. And I loved the little glance of stocking in the pictures.

  8. i think it came out great, love the wave!

  9. It looks fantastic! It sure looks like a lot of work though! I find the hardest part is putting the curls in and deciding where the pin curls will be. Your hair always looks great though!

  10. I think the set turned out lovely! Let us know when you manage to get the front wave down, i'd love to do something like that!

  11. wow! looks great, I was just about to ask you for a step by step for the hair! I just love your hair and the face for the radio was funny.

  12. As soon as I read the "pomade/shine serum", I knew that your hair wasn't gonna come out how you wanted it to.
    I leave that stuff for afterward. Lately, I've been setting mine with a very lightweight gel (that dampens it) and it dries fast, holds strong.

  13. C-Dot... Yes try it out! The wave is very simple! The lacy number is actuallt a small "corset" bag that I hold my perm rods in!

    Syd... Thank you! It's so easy!

    Sirens Sexy... Have fun with yor hair and experiment! The wave is super easy! As for Dita's Hair... Fleur de Guerre's video tutorial here is probably the best way to achieve that style. Perhaps using bigger sections per stick and using a round brush to shape the under curl would work best. This is how I would do it. Keep brushing and shaping to crate larger smooth waves instead of the smaller curlies.

    Miss Matilda... I almost didn't complete the post because I need to keep my image up as perfect. :) Hahaha but I decided to leave it because it helps others know that I mess up a lot, but I try to figure out how to make it work. It is all about experimenting with your hair.

    Miss B... You are too sweet!! I don't use end papers, but I really should. I get those kinky ends a lot as well. I am just too lazy to get papers. LOL Maybe tomorrow, I have a few other things to pick up. I was wondering if I should photoshop out the stockings but decided to leave them. No harm! :)

    Betty Lou... ♥ Thanks!

    Cheri... Thanks! Quite honestly, I should have used just the perm rods and left the pincurls out. The wave that is created by the comb is fast and easy. Sleeping in the set is the easiest and funnest part for me. :) I love how these styles look a lot harder than they really are!

    Stefanie... Thank you. I think I need to get a hold of some longer hair combs. I think that will really help in mastering my wave!

    BelovedMonster... Thanks! The wave is a super easy thing to do if you use hair combs. :) Hahah the Face for Radio isn't nearly as funny as the face underneath! :)

    Tayva... It helps a bit -- if I only use a bit, but ugh I got slap happy. Where 's my "vintage" shine?? :-D

  14. Thanks, I am gonna give it a try!

  15. Oh boy, thanks so much for showing your use of perm rods. Every time I'm in Sally's I eye the perm rods... pondering... wondering. I think I may go for it. My hair is just getting way too long for strictly pincurls.