Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm no Gene Tierney

I am no Gene Tierney, but this hair style is highly inspired by her hair. From what I could tell, Gene's hair was usually styled in simple waves with big curls at the end. Not the tight fluffy curls that I like to wear. I managed to style my hair like this in less than 2 hours. 1 hour being under the bonnet dryer and 10-15 mins putting the perm rods in. The rest of the time was brushing, styling, and scultping. It is quite a simple do to achieve, but not knowing if it would turn out, I didn't happen to take photos of the process. It was really simple to do, so I may do a video tutorial of it soon.

Anyway... I am Lolita Haze Not Gene Tierney. LOL


  1. Oooo that is pretty...yes video tutorial please!

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  3. Very cute! Def looking forward to a video tutorial ;)

  4. This style is fab and looks great on you. Would definitely love to learn how you did it!

  5. Gorgeous, i say yes to the tutorial :)

  6. That is fantastic. So beautiful. I wanted to say hello. I hope you've had a great weekend. Take care. Enjoy the week ahead. Cheers!

  7. Looks smashing, do a tutorial pleeease! :)

  8. WOW!!! Just wanted to let you know that I gave you and award for your glamorous self:)

  9. Lolita, that style is very flattering and glamorous on you - and you are just as lovely as Gene Tierney in my opinion!

  10. Looks great. I'd like a video! My hair usually turns out somewhat like Gene's only less...nice. Haha.
    -Andi x

  11. You look so sweet! (A bit like a blond Dita) I love this style!

  12. Kate... Thank you!

    WtD... Thank you. Going to shower tonight so I have fresh hair to work with! Of course, not so fresh hair will probably be better. lol

    Annalise... Thank you so much!

    Sirens Sexy... I am so excited about how many people want a tutorial. I just hope that I don't forget and have a chance to make it tomorrow.

    Born to Late... If I don't forget I will make one tomorrow. So keep an eye out!

    Screen Siren... It is so simple to do! Once you see the tutorial you will be like, I already knew that! :)

    Cherry Red... Thanks!

    Stefanie... I need to wash my hair tonight, so I will try to make one tomorrow!

    Keith... Thank you so much! Hope your week is swell too!

    Fleur... Gracias!

    C-Dot... Hopefully I will get a chance tomorrow. Going to shower and wash my hair today!

    Eileen... Thank you. It is rather really simple to do too! I will try to make a video tutorial for it tomorrow!

    Heidi... Oh thank you!! You are too sweet! What a fantastic award to get! xoxoxox!

    Roxy... Well... didn't you just become my best friend! Hehehe! Thanks. Sadly that style didn't last that long... I didn't use any styling agents and it fell flat some 8 hours later. :( Boo!

    Tayva... I wish! She had such simple beautiful hair.

    Andi... I have been meaning to make one, but I got sick right after I posted this so I really haven't had a chance to. I will shower and wash my hair tonight and do one in the morning. (If I remember.)

    Nadja... Aww thanks! I like to think that Dita looks like a brunette Lolita. :)

  13. you look stunning. i look forward to seeing more posts of you :)

  14. Hi! your hair looks fantastic! So you said you used perm rods...did you use these to set your hair, or did you actually perm it?
    I will check back regularly to see if you post a video tutorial - what gorgeous results!

  15. Oh wow that's amazing. I've been trying to get my hair like that for YEARS!