Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Today I was playing photographer - taking photos of people, children, and pets all with Santa outside of Hollywood Regency Vintage! At 4pm Perry came by to pick me up, but before we packed it in for the day, I somehow convinced him to take a photo with me and Santa! Hah! I love it!

PS. I am not really sure why my fishnets are all scraggelly - cheapies I guess.


  1. You look too cute in that costume :D

  2. Hey there. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Thanks for entering the giveaway. I appreciate it. This is my first one I've ever done. I don't think you left a comment on my Penelope Cruz post. The reason I mention that is because if you comment on that post you get a second entry for the giveaway.

  3. C-Dot... Thank you. I didn't have anything planned to wear, so the day of I was scrounging around for costumes in my room to see if anything would work and I found this!

    Keith... Ooh! Thank you for the heads up! I missed that!

  4. Santa got his christmas wish too xxx