Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vintage Goodies from my friends for X-Mas

Last night the antique store that I work graphics for had their holiday party. Just an intimate party of 5. It was rather lovely. We had dinner at Hanny's in downtown Phoenix. Hanny's, now a restaurant, was originally a department store that was built in 1947 if I remember correctly. They kept the name and the original signage for the restaurant. On the side of the building a ghost painting for the department store remained. It was really sweet. I wish I had brought my camera... but on to the goods...

My gal pal Jenny was wonderful and seems to pick out the best gifts ever!
First up, she got me sheet music for the tune Baby Face. She thought the cover reminded her of me. :)

Next... to add to my dead boyfriend collection... a photo of a gent. I am guessing from the 20's? Cutie.

Lastly... and bestly... a book from 1939. Streamlining your figure. An exercise book that tells you how to get the perfect porportions and what those are. I will state that the perfect proportions differ from Earl Carroll' s porportions, but being a showgirl, I'll still go with his.

Now Heidi was kind enough to fill my rhinestone fetish with a beautiful braclet and pair of earrings.

All very wonderful and thoughtful gifts and I am truely grateful!

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