Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting into the SWING of things!

Lindy style!!

I have to admit, I am a bit proud of myself. Make that A LOT proud of myself. For the past 3 years (more like 2 -- I started 3 years ago, but didn't dance for like a year) I have been dancing east coast swing. It has been perfectly lovely and I enjoy doing it so much! While I knew the count and the steps to the lindy, I could never get the swing out. :( I have folks try to teach me over and over and over again and I just couldn't grasp it.

I was frustrated beyond measure because I am usually pretty quick at picking up dance steps, plus I pride myself on being a semi decent dancer. Not being able to lindy was a disappointment, especially since some of the better dancers wouldn't ask me to dance, because they wanted to lindy.

A couple of weeks ago, while working the door at the Shrine, the regular teacher Steve couldn't make it, so instead Dabney taught the lindy class. There was a shortage of girls so I had to fill in. I don't know how Dabney was teaching it any different than anyone else, but boom! I got it! Now two weeks later I feel like I am rocking the lindy!!! Super fast and everything! Whoo! This is so exciting for me! Of course, I haven't seen myself lindy, so far as I know I look like a complete jackass doing it!

Since then I don't want to just east coast it anymore! I want to lindy all night! :-D Now I just need to tackle west coast and the balboa!


  1. Who cares if you look like a jackass... as long as you're having fun!

  2. Oh I don't care about looking like a jackass. :) I am just saying that while I think I am good, I could just be looking like one. :)

  3. Awesome, so maybe there is hope for me too! I started with ECS as well, and took up lindy recently, but it is hard to get the hang of!

  4. Even now that I pretty much have the lindy down, if I don't have a strong lead, I can't do it! :( Keep practicing!! Swinging is the best!