Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have recently taken a liking to ironing. I find it to be rather relaxing and a wonderful stress reliever. I don't know why it is such a simple task, but I seem to enjoy it.

I have a vintage 40s/50's iron that works far better than any modern iron I have used, but I don't use it as much as I would like as it is not an upright and I haven't found a trivet I like. Not true... I found this amazing trivet at Goodwill. It had a pentacle on it, but Goodwill wanted 13$ for it! GOODWILL! I have seen trivets in high end antique stores for far cheaper than 13$! I would have paid up to 5$ for it.

I like to press my clothes more for the task of doing it than for the polished outcome. I suppose it is because when I iron, I don't think about anything else that is weighing on my mind. I iron things that don't need to be ironed, just so I can relax.

I am hoping to get my hands on a vintage 30s/40s wooden board! That would be a dream. I haven't found what the average price for boards of that type are, but they always seem to be more than what I want to pay for them. I'd like to pay 10$-15$ not 30$-40$.


  1. I see the vintage wooden boards for $15 & under--sometimes as low as $5.00. Try Craigslist. I want one, but never see them when I have the extra cash. :-(

  2. You need to go out to estate sales with Jenny... bet you'd find one for cheap.

    I too, love ironing. It's almost therapeutic!

    To make it more fun, I use scented linen water in the iron. I currently have a light rose scent in there. I usually find mine at Marshall's, for only a few bucks!

  3. Anonymous... I just checked craigslist... there are 2 on there for 50$ and 55$!!

    Tayva... I know! I don't know how she does it, but she finds things like mad!

    It is theraputic!

    I am going to use that Honey Bee I ordered when it arrives! I am super excited for it!!

  4. Shit, I want that linen spray, too. Still waiting, if you get what I mean... haha. I'll buy it when it comes :-)

  5. I know what you mean! Let's see who gets their goods first! :-/