Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Finds

Wooden Scotty pin, "Mother" brooch, dutch girls pin, silver holly earrings, rose on celluloid earrings, black round earrings, green ball earrings.

I am convinced that Kenosha is the land of the rummage sale. Every weekend you can find at least 20 in a 3 mile radius! Most are junk, some have something, and every once in a while you strike gold! This weekend was not filled with gold, but I did get some goodies... Here are some of the finds I got either at thrift stores or at rummage sales.

Share with me your weekend finds!!!

2 hats that need to be rebashed and restiffened and mustard colored gloves.

head scarves

Perry had one of these, but threw it out when we moved (he told me I couldn't keep it) so when I found it... I had to get it!

More sewing goods. You can never have too many I am now convinced.
One half of the cooking books -- you know for the cooking I won't ever do!
The other cooking books I won't use.


  1. Thanks Lady! Did you get any goodies this weekend?

  2. Fabulous finds -adore the sewing lot and the Dutch girl pin is so sweet x.

  3. It's funny about the sewing lot... I always think, do I really need more? But then I think how great it is that I can just pull out some fabric and have all my notions here and don't have to run to the store! I like the pin too. I know nothing about it though.

  4. Fabulous haul! Those earrings are fab! I adore the sewing wares and cookbooks too! My husband's bubbe had an amazing collection of cookbooks from the 30s-60s, some of which I was given by my husband's mom. Even though I have yet to try any of the recipes, they look perfect on display in my vintage kitchen!

  5. Thanks!! I REALLY want to put the wartime books to use and see if they are any better or worse than today -- both in health and taste. I bet your kitchen looks wonderful! Hehehe I wore the green ones the other day and they are a bit more bubblicious than I like, but they complimented my outfit perfectly. :)

  6. what great all the pins and earrings.nice collection of cook books.Can never have enough cook books.Love the hats and gloves.Hope it's not to hard to re stiffen those beauties.

  7. Thanks! I am trying to add more jewelry to my collection. I don't normally wear it, but lately I have been feeling incomplete without it!

    I am starting to think I either need to sell my cook books or just not get anymore. I doubt I will ever use them so either way they should go to someone who will!

    I'm hoping it's easy to do as well. the hats are neat if I can shape them halfway decently!